South Park: New Jersey (10/13/10)

south park new jersey

Now this is the South Park I know and love, taking recent events in pop culture and spinning them around to make great television. Sure last week’s episode was good, but I think this week is going to be epic.

New Jersey

Randy spearheads the town’s defense when “Jersey Shore”-inspired Garden State residents are threatening to take over the entire country.

I can only describe this episode in one word, genius. I can’t stand The Jersey Shore so this was just icing on the cake for me, I loved every minute of it. I almost don’t even want to recap it because I think you just need to see it for yourselves. Snooki had me in tears for a good 15 minutes after the last time you saw her, Snooki want smush smush! Ok, that’s it, I’ve decided not even to bother with a full recap because it was that good and you just need to see it for yourself. Essentially New Jersey starts to take over the whole world and when it starts moving into South Park the residents take a stand. Kyle finds out that his mom is from New Jersey and even though he was born in South Park, he was technically in the womb for two months while they lived in Jersey. And the term muff cabbage is thrown around a lot… so I did what I always do and bought up (I also own from a previous episode)