South Park: Medicinal Fried Chicken (3/31/10)

Tonight we get to see Randy on his quest to obtain medical marijuana and I can only imagine how ridiculous he will be when he’s high… if he can get it before Cartman has the place shut down so that he can get his favorite fried chicken restaurant back…

Medicinal Fried Chicken

When a store selling medical marijuana opens on the site of Cartman’s favorite fried-chicken joint, Randy is the first in line to buy some weed. But he can’t because he’s completely healthy. Meanwhile, Cartman will stop at nothing to get the restaurant back.

Pretty solid episode this week. A law has passed banning fast food in low income areas and the first to go is KFC, which does not make Cartman happy. In it’s place, in South Park, now stands a Medicinal Marijuana Clinic which makes Randy very happy, except he’s healthy and cannot get a referral from his doctor. So in order to obtain legal weed, Randy decides to try and get cancer, testicular cancer to be exact. In order to get testicular cancer he puts his balls in the microwave and when he wakes up the next day his balls are bigger than basketballs, but he doesn’t care because now he can smoke legal weed. I thought it couldn’t get any better than Randy wheeling his balls around in a wheelbarrow, but when that broke and he had to get home he figured out that he could use his balls like a hippity hop and bounce around on them. Eventually all his friends want to smoke pot too, so they stick their balls in the microwaves as well, and then they all start smoking pot and hopping around on their balls.

Meanwhile, Cartman checks into rehab for KFC withdrawals, but that doesn’t help so he turns to the black market. Mirroring Scarface, Cartman starts to smuggle KFC into town, but instead of selling it he ends up eating all of it. He even goes so far as to snort a line of chicken skin. In the end there’s a big shootout at the house he was running the operation out of and he runs away.

Randy’s doctor starts becoming suspicious as to why 10 men of suddenly come down with testicular cancer and ends up pinning it on the fact that KFC moved out of town right before the cancers set in. So naturally they bring back KFC because they think it’s what’s been keeping the town healthy and free from testicular cancer. And because of that, they make medical marijuana illegal again. It’s a very funny episode with some great parallels to the medical marijuana initiatives as well as the war on drugs… and I still can’t get that music out of my head that they were playing when Randy and the guys were hopping around on their balls.

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