South Park: Creme Fraiche (11/17/10)

south park: creme fraiche

Tonight is it, the final episode of the 14th season and I can honestly say I’m a little disappointed with the 2nd half of the seasons. There were a couple episodes that were decent, but I really didn’t care for the Coon and friends storyline, except when they killed Justin Bieber. Either way, tonight is the finale and it’s a Randy episode!

Creme Fraiche

In the 14th season finale, Randy’s addiction to the Food Network has a detrimental effect on his family.

Great season finale! Randy had me in tears every time he sat down to watch the Food Network. Just the noises he was making while jerking off under the blanket to the channel was classic. I’m also really surprised it took this long for South Park to take notice of the Shake Weight and have it in an episode. Everything that you thought was wrong with the way the Shake Weight is used and marketed was touched upon during the episode, good stuff. I highly suggest you check this one out if you haven’t already. It’s definitely an improvement over the Coon and Friends storyline that took the past 3 weeks, but the sad thing is that it was the season final. Oh well, that just makes me more excited for the start of next season… see you all when the time comes!