South Park: Bass to Mouth (10/19/11)

south park bass to mouth

I know, I know, the synopsis for this week’s South Park sounds just like the episode of The Simpsons where Homer gets a computer and becomes Mr. X posting all sorts of town gossip on his website. I’m sure the kids from South Park will have more to say on the topic than the Simpsons ever did. So since you’re all thinking it I’ll just say it “Simpsons did it!”.

Bass to Mouth

A hacker wreaks havoc with gossipy Web posts on a site called “The South Park Elementary Evesdropper”

Solid episode this week. Word spreads via gossip blog “The Evesdropper” that a student has shit himself during class and Cartman immediately starts spreading the word. Once Mr. Mackey and the principal get wind of the information they go into crisis mode. Last time a student was ridiculed this much they ended up killing themselves and the teachers can’t go through that again so they strike a deal with Cartman. As long as Cartman can make sure that the student that shit himself doesn’t commit suicide they will bring in Selena Gomez and punch her in the face and stomach.

Cartman’s idea for not having the one student commit suicide is to embarrass another student so much that everyone forgets about the original student once the new student shits herself in class and tries to kill herself… That’s not quite what the teachers had in mind so Cartman devises a new plan to put laxatives in the pizzas for a pizza party that way most of the students would shit themselves and thus they would all be equally embarrassed and therefore none of them would want to kill themselves, but their plan is foiled when they are discovered by the person behind “The Evesdropper”, Wikileaks.

Wikileaks is the brother of Lemmiwinks, the gerbil who I believe had an amazing journey up the ass of Mr. Slave. So yes, Wikileaks is a gerbil that runs around with a microphone and a video camera on his head and then posts all the school gossip to “The Evesdropper” website for all to read. In the end he threatens to expose the teachers plan to put laxatives in the pizza, but his plan is foiled when the boys bring Lemmiwinks back to the school to fight his brother.

I thought it was a pretty solid episode. The Catatafish was just ridiculous and I’m glad the Frog Prince guy made an appearance. Sometimes I don’t know how Matt and Trey come up with these ridiculous ideas, but I love it. Can’t wait to see what next week brings.