Shane vs Rick – The Walking Dead

the walking dead shane

Now that it’s been a couple days since the latest episode of The Walking Dead has aired, I think it’s time we discussed a little bit. This post is going to be spoiler filled from the beginning so don’t even bother reading anymore if you don’t want to know what happened in the show this week or how the same situation played out in the books, I’m going to ruin all of it for you.

I’ve been waiting for this confrontation since the very first episode of the first season. Rick and Shane have butted heads since the day they all found out Rick was still alive. Shane had grown quite close to Lori and Carl and took it upon himself to look after them, as well as bang one of them (I’ll let you decide which one). This lead to quite a bit of awkwardness and resentment when Rick finally showed up alive and well, and we all knew that something was going to have to give. I’m not sure that everyone thought that it was going to be Shane’s torso that would give, under the pressure of Rick’s knife, but it was something none the less. Spoiler alert… Shane’s dead, Rick killed him with a little help from Carl and a lot of help from a sharp knife.

A lot of people were extremely shocked that they would kill off such a main character, but I’ve found that a lot of people that watch the show haven’t read the books. In the books, Dale survives way longer than Shane does, Shane is killed by Carl in the 6th issue of the comic where Dale survives almost to issue 70. So knowing that information I wasn’t very shocked that Shane met his demise in the show, but I was a little surprised at how it happened and how long it took to happen. Essentially it happened for the same reasons, Shane starts to lose it over Lori and thinks that if Rick weren’t around that Lori would love him again and things would go back to how they were prior to Rick “coming back from the dead”. I’m really surprised they didn’t have Carl kill Shane just to show the total loss of innocence in this new world, but the idea that Rick is falling deeper and deeper into this new world makes a lot of sense as well. I’m happy they had Carl put one in zombified-Shane’s skull for good measure though.

So with the voice of reason gone and the hot head gone, what is going to become of the group? It seems as though Rick and Daryl are starting to form a bit of a connection these days which could allow some of that butting heads dynamic to play out still, but without the whole love triangle aspect of it, which is a good thing. I was kind of getting sick of that plot point hanging over every episode we’ve seen up until this point, it’ll be nice to see something different for a change. And that’s exactly what I think’s going to happen to the group, things are going to change. I think more people are going to die in the season finale on Sunday, however I don’t think they are going to be any of the main characters like we’ve seen in the past 2 weeks. It’ll probably end up being Maggie/Herschel’s family, maybe the girl that tried to kill herself, or a couple of the other people that don’t have speaking parts and very little screen time. I hope the season ends with the group making it to the prison or at least running into Micchone and her sword. I just hope there is some surprise or cliffhanger that tops the Dale and Shane deaths, but I’m not sure we’re going to get something that shocking. Oh, and how awesome was that shot at the end of Sunday’s episode showing Rick and Carl in the field with the moon in the sky and hordes of flesh eating zombies shambling towards them. Beautiful.

I also think that the fact that we now know that everyone in the world is infected with the “zombie-virus” (for lack of a better term), it could play into things a bit. If you’re unsure what I’m referring to, Shane was stabbed and came back as a zombie and the prisoner kid in the barn had his neck snapped by Shane and came back… neither of them were bit or scratched. This would lead you to believe there is something in everyone that will turn them to zombies once they die. This does raise another question though. If you are bit on the arm and the wound isn’t fatal, would you still die and turn into a zombie? Do the zombies have some sort of poisonous venom in their saliva that speeds up death? I’d have to assume so since that’s what we’ve been lead to believe all along, but I guess you never know… That dude at the CDC did whisper something to Rick towards the end of the 1st season and we still don’t know what he told him…