rob dyrdek ridiculousness season 2

Apparently people are watching “Ridiculousness” on MTV for some reason as MTV just announced that it has picked up the show for a 2nd season. The show is apparently 2nd highest in the ratings for men ages 12-34, second only to “Jersey Shore”. I’ll be honest, on the recommendation of Shane Nickerson, via Twitter, I gave the show a few more episodes after I bashed the season premiere and I just couldn’t get into it. It’s a blatant rip off of Tosh.O, which in itself is already a rip of of shows like Web Soup and The Soup, but at least Daniel Tosh is funny where as Rob is not, at least in this setting.

As I said in the original “Ridiculousness” post, I like Rob Dyrdek, he’s entertaining, but he’s not a stand up comedian and this show is not funny. I still can’t figure out why Steelo Brim and Chanel are there, it seems that more people are just annoyed with Chanel’s laugh than anything else. She’s a cute enough girl, but she’s seems a bit immature and a little annoying. I actually cringe whenever they show her on screen or I hear her laugh in the background. I think the show might be better if it was Rob, Big Black and Drama going back and forth about the videos, but either way I don’t think the show deserved a second season.

So for those of you that can’t get enough of Rob Dyrdek you have another season of “Ridiculousness” ahead of you and it’s all yours, I’ll stick to Fantasy Factory.


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  • ltdev

    Its almost uncomfortable to watch – he’s the friend that is full of jokes that just don’t work and you have to force a laugh to make them feel good about themselves. Good clips, really unfunny host.

  • Umm

    I just mute the show and watch the clips

  • NTW-20

    Rob/Tosh who ever else does the internet clip shows all stole it from E’s The Soup.  I personally hate robs shows it’s a bunch of grown ass adults acting like little ass kids. Chanel looks good, but she’s goofy as hell. Laughs at EVERYTHING no matter what you can sit there and watch her trying not to laugh at things that are not remotely funny. I mean I could imagine rob walks in and says we’re cancelled and she just busts out laughing…

    • Mike

      ntw-20 it sounds like your just mad that your not on the shows and honestly you sound like a straight hater. leave rob and tosh out of it its not there foult your dad didn’t spend time with you like he should so know you watch barney for fun and your proboly a grown man liveing at your moms house still lol scared as hell thinking the boogy mans going to get you.

      • Rtrgr

        that was the dumbest attempt at insulting someone Ive ever read..

  • I totally agree. Tosh.0 is funny. Ridiculousness isn’t funny, it’s more like immature. Some of their videos give you a little chuckle but most of them are either animals mating, masterbating, urinating, deficating on themselves, or people getting hurt, which can sometimes be funny but gets old after a while.