rob dyrdek ridiculousness

UPDATE: The show has aired! Find out what we thought about the first episode.

I received some interesting news today, apparently Rob Dyrdek is going to have another show on MTV. According to a source of mine, and some previous tweets from Rob himself, the show will be called “Ridiculousness” and will premiere in early 2011. The season will consist of 16 30 minute episodes that will be shot on a studio set with an audience of Rob’s fans.

The show itself will revolve around internet videos. It will take the funniest amateur internet videos & user submitted clips and build them into an episode of edgy, funny & timeless television… To be honest it sounds very similar to Tosh.O which I am a huge fan of, I just hope it’s different enough to keep me watching. And yes, I’m aware that Tosh.O is a rip off of other shows like The Soup/Web Soup, so there’s definitely room for competition in the market. I could also be completely wrong in terms of what the format of the show will be, but based on what I’ve been told this was the conclusion I came to.

So keep your eyes and ears open for Rob Dyrdek’s new show “Ridiculousness” when it [supposedly] premieres early next year. According to Rob’s twitter some stuff as already been shot back in June, but from what I was told full blown production doesn’t start until December, so we’ll see.

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  • Mitch Ballard

    Yeah the producer wanted my video and sent me a message and I get paid

    • dillon

      no way, let me see the video theyre puttin on if youre for real

    • chaston

      me too man i got a call and they wanna use my video too!

    • Taylor_lee_hollback

      how much did you get paid? they want my video as well. “Penwell Takes a Tumble”

    • Happeytingz

      how much

  • k

    went today 12/9 to a taping. pretty funny. it was him drama and steelo brim for the first episode and rob chanel and steelo for the second one. it was just rob playing classic fail moment videos from youtube and slowin em down and rewind and adding audio commentary. not that great but great with robs standup lines and performance. and every video was a classic fail. took 2 hours to film a 22 min show. rob was very serious as to make sure everything he said made sense and was able to flow from segment to segment. the set was nice and built by joe c from california skateparks who built the fantasy factory as well.

  • Was on the set a few days ago and he’s a funny dude. Don’t know when it will be premiering but most likely early 2011.

  • Clo

    Rob Dyrdek is the funniest person alive. Went to this shooting earlier this week and he basically just dishes out whatever he thinks of on funny clips. He is hilarious and i could tell most of it was improve.

  • Nick

    I lost you at “…Tosh.O is a rip off…”

  • Han

    I love Rob Dyrdek and Drama 🙂 Does anyone know how to get tickets? This sounds wonderul, and where are they taping it? The combo of Rob and Drama makes me laugh so hard.! Does anyone know when season 4 fantasy factory will be out and what channel MTV still?

    • AC Slater

      Ridiculousness has finished filming it’s first season from what I can tell, so I don’t think you’ll be able to get tickets. As for Fantasy Factory season 4, no information yet as far as I can tell, but both shows will be on MTV.

  • MakinBacon

    This show will prolly fail. THe writers for Tosh.0 and Tosh himself are very funny.

  • Cheryl

    Ok, I want to know when Big Black is coming back?

  • Devinhestalova

    no one cares about the soup to be honest i didnt know that show until tosh announced it.. this is just like tosh.0 and it will be a complete fail

  • Dakotatomlin64

    i will be on this so just spread the word this video is next level stuff will be up there with the stars soon so check me out thanks

  • Patfez

    Tosh.0 is a comedy show on Comedy Central.  This “show” is on Music Television and they are trying to make it a comedy.  Daniel Tosh is an established comedian and Rob Dyrdek….what is he? a never has been on every level? I liked Rob & Big because of BIg.  This is an Epic Fail waiting to happen.  I wont be watching

    • AC Slater

      Wait, MTV is a music station? You could have fooled me.

  • Blahblahblah

    this show sucked….not funnny at all and same vids and lead ins from tosh….FAIL

    • AC Slater

      I completely agree. The show was absolutely terrible.

  • Adam

    this show sucks he is showing shit that has been out on many shows for years and i’ve already seen. try finding some new stuff

  • Angelicatorres1991

    relly this is just an un funny copyyyy of tosh.o sorry hunnn but ths show will nevr be as good

  • Th844

    Ridiculousness sux really bad. The host is terrible and attempts to act like he is black.  The girls laugh is annoying. 

    • Melinda5906

      Yes I agree that girls laugh is torture!

      • Dave

        I despise the girls laugh and I won’t watch the show because she annoys me

        • Westcoastisdumb

          Her laugh is the same every fucking time , she has nothing to say , she is dumb as shit , her has no contribution to the show , maybe if she was naked it would make this show worth watching , but then again as soon as she laughed id want to rape her.

    • Nayrugirl2548

      I agree with on the laugh but the host doesn’t act black. he acts like himself.

    • Rob is the man when he can just do his own thing like on Rob and Big and Fantasy Factory.  He isn’t a stand up comedian, which this show is trying to turn him into.

    • Ryan0145

      shut up that show is the best

  • Sakamegirl1

    Ridiculousness is by far the greatest show I’ve ever watched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Fantasy Factory also!! The Hug Horn was the BEST!!!!!!! Rob should put it in Ridiculousness!


    Rob you are awesome, but drop this ridiculous tv show and keep doin what you where doin. Critisism hurts, learn from it



    • AC Slater

      She’s the receptionist at the Fantasy Factory… do people not know this? I’m not saying I don’t agree with the fact that there is no reason for her to be on the show, but I figured people that watch Ridiculousness also watch Fantasy Factory, guess not.

  • Eueinfndfioooo

    your new show sucks donkey chode. go skate, o ya.. you cant do that either

  • The show is completely idiotic. I can watch these things on without the boring bs that Rob puts me through. Who cares who these people on his show are? I mean, what exactly do they do other than chuckle idiotically and kiss Rob’s ass? The show bores me. Rob is not funny, and not entertaining. TOSH.0 is the bomb! Daniel makes me laugh – and he does not need anyone else on his show to do that.

  • Kittievx9

    Would be so much better if Chanel was not on the show. She makes the stupidest dumb blond comments and has no idea whats going on and has THE most annoying life in the world

  • Bmac6453

    Who’s that guy that waves his arms around like he’s giving hoodlum gang signs? Two fingers out, flapping in front of him like a wounded sea gull.  Pants On The Ground!       And that girl!  Laughing like a wounded puppy.  Forced, to say the least.
    The video’s could be presented without all the crap.  Somebody’s being appeased…

  • Carissa Place

    the show is funny but the girls laugh is annoying.

  • Vbhjbjvhwvn

    i love him.i also love his shows.

  • Alishadental

    I love your show but the blonde girls laugh just goes right threw me. She is annoying & dumb!!!!!!!! Because of her laugh i turn your show off.

  • NunYa

    Just saw this for the 1st time tonight. Funny! But even My Guy doesn’t get the annoying Beautiful Blond Chick on the sidelines that has nothing to say but an ANNOYING laugh…Who’s Girlfriend IS she???…Give the Poor Girl some LINES!!!

    • She’s not anyones girlfriend, she’s the “receptionist” from the Fantasy Factory.

    • She’s not anyones girlfriend, she’s the “receptionist” from the Fantasy Factory.

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  • Ianfritzinger

    your show rock man…. keep on playen them videos…wheres bam mergera.. i want him your show

  • Cole

    look up the “toad sucking” it involves a toad and a monkey. It is hilarious. Love your show

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  • Jaden

    this  is  funny

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  • Derquanmanns

    your show would be funnier if I was on it

  • Kieraaaaaaa

    “chanel have u ever come in hott?!” -rob ” well um no bit i come in lookin hott!” -chanel. -______-

  • Kieraaaaaaa

    ‘channel do you consider youself a hott mess’ “i consider
    Myself hott” omg most concieted . Thats annoying. Also the show should do slow mos hHaha

  • Ee

    He is ridiculous.

  • Ladiiblozom


  • Victoriamonique1997

    The show is funny but omg that girls laugh is so annoying !-__-

  • Jlawrence69

    chanel is fuckin sexy! who cares about her laugh

  • Nick_manning

    she cant laugh when my dick is in her mouth so who cares

  • I love Chanel’s laugh. “I” think it’s cute. But I wonder if her last name is really Westcoase

    • Her real name is definitely not West Coast, in fact her real first name isn’t even Chanel. Her real name is Chelsea Chanel Dudley.


    The girl’s laugh is SOOO ANNOYING -,- 

    • It actually seemed like they would cut her mic level down whenever she would laugh in the 1st episode of season 2, but then this week it was back…

  • Does anyone know who I can contact from this show? They used my clip and never paid me. Isn’t that breech of contract?  I signed a paper saying they would pay me and never did…

    • Tracyboudreau

       they used our clip  and we never got paid either….

  • Bernercaleb

    does any body know robs number

  • Prestenelliott210

    i love rob derdek’s fantasy factory

  • Caseyamburn

    i actually like her laugh. she is a beautiful woman not a dog. there are a lot of asswholes in this world that hate on ppl and i believe the ppl that hate on someone about something they do, its because there really jealous at the fact that they cant do that or because they are so mesmorized by that person they just hate to feel manly or bigger but in reallity there imasculated…. by casey amburn.

  • liam healy

    i love the show get me on it am reckless i like her laught i wish i can hang out with rob

  • matty H .Aus

    that womens laught is amazing i would travel to end of time for her lol she is gawjuz 🙂