Rob Dyrdek’s New Show “Ridiculousness”

rob dyrdek ridiculousness

UPDATE: The show has aired! Find out what we thought about the first episode.

I received some interesting news today, apparently Rob Dyrdek is going to have another show on MTV. According to a source of mine, and some previous tweets from Rob himself, the show will be called “Ridiculousness” and will premiere in early 2011. The season will consist of 16 30 minute episodes that will be shot on a studio set with an audience of Rob’s fans.

The show itself will revolve around internet videos. It will take the funniest amateur internet videos & user submitted clips and build them into an episode of edgy, funny & timeless television… To be honest it sounds very similar to Tosh.O which I am a huge fan of, I just hope it’s different enough to keep me watching. And yes, I’m aware that Tosh.O is a rip off of other shows like The Soup/Web Soup, so there’s definitely room for competition in the market. I could also be completely wrong in terms of what the format of the show will be, but based on what I’ve been told this was the conclusion I came to.

So keep your eyes and ears open for Rob Dyrdek’s new show “Ridiculousness” when it [supposedly] premieres early next year. According to Rob’s twitter some stuff as already been shot back in June, but from what I was told full blown production doesn’t start until December, so we’ll see.

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