Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory: The Bleeding Frogs (4/18/11)

rob dyrdeks fantasy factory: The bleeding frogs

Looks like Bobby Light wasn’t enough for Rob, now he wants to conquer the death-metal scene with his new band “The Bleeding Frogs”.

The Bleeding Frogs
Rob forms a “death-metal-kill-pop” band with Drama, Chanel and Big Black.

Big Black in skinny jeans is not really something I wanted to see… I’m not sure the plus-sized market is ready for a “BB” brand skinny jeans. That aside, last night’s episode revolved around “The Bleeding Frogs”. Randomly a truck pulled up outside the fantasy factory and opened it’s side door to reveal a guerrilla band. The band just drives around, parks and plays music. Rob took a liking to the idea and invited them into the factory where he came up with the idea to go out with them and play around LA for a bit. Once Rob gets a taste of the rock and roll life he decides they need to go full on metal so Rob, Chanel, Drama and Big Black head out to Melrose to find some metal clothes. Meanwhile the dilapidated truck that the original band brought in was sent out for some much needed upgrades.

Once everyone is decked out in their metal gear, including Big Black’s skinny jeans, they get ready to head out to the streets of LA and play in front of some clubs, but before that can happen they need a mascot… Big Cat, or should I say Big Bleeding Frog. Rob gives Big Cat a ridiculous frog costume and spray paints red all over him, he’s now a “Bleeding Frog”.

I thought the episode was pretty funny, Drama’s costume had be going pretty good, that white jumpsuit and the slash hair, he may have looked better last night than when Rob dressed him up for his “mandime” makeover last week. I could have done without Big Black’s nipple tassel and ass-less skinny jeans, but I will say that I’m glad to see him back. The dynamic that Rob and Big have is just ridiculous and always leads to hilarious situations.