Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory – Seminar Time! (9/10/09)

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From the description this sounds like a boring episode, but of course nothing is boring at the Fantasy Factory when Rob is around.

Rob brings in business guru Joel Bauer to mentor the ‘Fantasy Factory’ employees to success.

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Update: So last nights episode featured Joel Bauer who apparently wasted 25 years of his life coming up with an absolutely ridiculous business card that nobody is going to want to carry around with him, yet he believes it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Rob invites him into the Fantasy Factory to revamp his own business card and to whip the crew into shape, I guess. The business card the guy comes up with is exactly the same as his, but with Rob’s picture on it instead. I guess once you figure out the secret to business cards you just duplicate that for anyone that asks (or pays). Seriously the business cards are the size of a postcard and have an annoying pop up in the middle when you open it. It’s not going to fit in a wallet or a portfolio made to carry business cards so despite what this guy is telling you, most people are probably going to throw the thing away seeing as how it’s going to be an inconvenience to carry around. Then the guy just makes Big Cat feel completely uncomfortable and leaves… Seems like Rob really got his moneys worth here. I remember seeing this idiot’s video online on sites like, where people just ripped him apart, never did I think this dude was actually serious, but apparently he is…

Next up was the Sidehack, a bicycle with a sidecar on it so that you never have to ride BMX alone. Ok, it’s kind of a cool idea, but I could never see myself using one for more than a couple minutes just to try it out. They did look kinda fun in the skatepark, but I don’t think anyone is going to want to be the monkey for very long, plus those things didn’t seem too stable. Dave Mirra came to the factory to test the thing out and Rob and him did a backflip into the foam pit which was kind of impressive… In the end this guy was just looking for an investor to get these things made so he came to Rob. Rob had Jeremy call Walmart and get everything set up and apparently you can now find these Sidehacks in Walmart, however I couldn’t find any on their website so maybe you can’t get them just yet.

Overall a pretty good episode, I have to agree with Drama when he said something about how any normal person would watch a video of some crazy dude pushing business cards and think it was ridiculous, yet Rob watches these things and immediately has to get the dude into the factory… but it makes for good TV, so keep it up.