Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory Season 4 To Debut in April

rob dyrdek's fantasy factory season 4

Rob and company have been busy this winter with Rob’s new show “Ridiculousness”, but that doesn’t mean that Fantasy Factory wasn’t still on his mind the whole time. Season 4 of “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” recently started filming and you bet your ass there’s going to be some crazy stuff going on judging by the picture above. If you follow the guys on twitter then you’ve probably seen some pics from the upcoming season and I can honestly say that I don’t think it will disappoint. You may also notice a familiar face in the image above, Mr. Christopher “Big Black” Boykin can be seen trapped inside that box along side the normal crew… Yup, that’s right, Big Black is going to be a part of the regular cast this time around! It appears as though Rob and Big have set aside their differences and given the fans what they’ve been asking for, a Rob & Big reunion. I don’t know all the details surrounding their falling out after the final season of Rob & Big, but they’re back together now so who cares.

As for when we’ll start seeing new episodes of Fantasy Factory, it’s looking like an April 2011 debut if the Dickhouse website is to be believed. There is no official date in April, but when there is I’ll be sure to update this post so you can make sure to set your DVR’s. In the meantime though, keep an eye out for Rob’s new show “Ridiculousness”, where he takes internet videos and creates commentary about them… or something.

Hosted by Rob Dyrdek, Ridiculousness brings the best and funniest of amateur Interweb videos and user submitted content to the upcoming MTV programming slate. Instead of sticking to stale scripted jokes and awkward audience interviews,Ridiculousness takes the video clip show to the next level as Dyrdek breaks down the hottest clips, laughing along with the audience and guest stars, reliving each memorable moment in his own unique and infectious style.

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