fantasy factory mardi gras

Looks like Rob and the crew are heading down to Louisiana to set up another Safe Spot Skate Spot as well as hit up the sights and sounds of Mardi Gras. The synopsis for this reminds me a lot of the episode of Viva La Bam where they go to Mardi Gras, except in Viva La Bam they just skated all the way down and in Fantasy Factory they are fixing up a skate park…

Rob travels to Louisiana to renovate a rundown skate park. Later, the crew builds a Mardi Gras float using the giant skateboard, and they ride it in the parade.

And just like that the season is over. Rob and company went down to Louisiana to fix up one of Rob’s original Safe Spot Skate Spots that had become rundown over the years and while they were there they decided to pay homage to the man that made the Fantasy Factory what it is today, Joe C. Joe is the person responsible for building the Fantasy Factory as well as the worlds largest skateboard and all of Rob’s Safe Spot Skate Spots. Armed with a float sporting a giant head created to look like Joe C the guys boarded it and made their way through the Mardi Gras parade passing out beads and goatees in honor of Joe C.

It was a decent episode, but I still think an 8 episode season is too short. At least we have Rob’s new show Ridiculousness coming in a few weeks, but it’s not going to be the same. So until next time…

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