Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory: Get With Your Power Animal (2/15/09)

This episode is all about Rob wanting to jump Ken Block’s rally car over a 100 feet. The episode starts off with Steve Berra making a ridiculous basketball shot by kicking the ball off the far wall of the factory and making it in the basket.

Rob apparently, has never had a release party for any of his signature shoes from DC, so he decides he wants to have one for the latest shoe. He gets this latest model added to his chain of shoes and him and drama head out to the party, of course Drama wears all Vans stuff to a DC shoe release. This is where Rob sees Ken’s rally car and the picture of him jumping it, that’s when he decides he wants to try it, but before that happens there is an incident at the factory.

“Big Cat” gets a little squirly as he’s being pulled by the motor scooter towards the ramp to the foam pit and slams into it extremely hard. The ambulance is called and he is taken away. He returns later with a neck brace on and can’t really do too much. Rob made him a little scooter though so he can get around, it has a giant lion’s head on the front of it and this is when Rob decides he needs to find out what his power animal is, based on what some Shaman tells him.

The Shaman tells Drama that his power animal is a crocodile, Big Cat’s power animal is a penguin and Rob’s power animal is an Orca. So naturally they make 2 more scooters, one with a giant crocodile head and one with an orca. And now it’s time for the car jump.

This was a little anti-climatic. Rob and Drama drive around the Subaru and eventually get enough courage to head for the jump. The jump looks much bigger in Ken Block’s picture than it does in real life. They hit the jump and everthing goes as planned, and they bust out a giant bottle of Champaigne.

Overall a decent episode, a couple good laughs, but that jump was a little weak in my opinion. Obviously I’ve never done anything of that caliber, but I was just expecting a litte more.