Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory: Episode 3 (2/22/09)

This week on the fantasy factory Danny Way comes by and wants Rob to help him break the land speed record on a skateboard.

Danny Way is the guy that jumped the Great Wall of China on a skateboard a few years ago and now he wants Rob to pull him on the t-Rex going 70+ mph. We also find out that Turbo’s face being blurred is really only because Rob is messing with him. The episode starts off with Rob blurring and unblurring peoples faces which leads me to believe that there is no reason for Turbo to hide his face other than Rob wanted to. While it’s not the reason I was hoping (fugitive) it’s still kind of funny.

So the main plot of the episode was the land speed record, but the more amusing sub plot was Drama being in love with Timmy the test dummy. Rob starts giving Drama shit about Timmy when they are trying to clean him up before putting Danny Way’s record breaking leathers on it. Drama is forced to windex and rub down Timmy’s taint and bulge while Rob sits by and laughs at him. Then later in the episode Rob leaves their love up to the flip of a coin, 3 flips actually.

If the coin lands on heads 3 times in a row then it’s fate and Drama is in love with Timmy. I bet you can guess what happened. What I thought was the funniest part of the episode was the montage of Drama/Timmy moments at the end, especially when Timmy rolls up from off screen on one of the motorized scooters and slams into the wall and just starts spinning as Drama stares at him.

Overall another entertaining episode, but I’m really looking forward to next week when they install the zip line in the fantasy factory.

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