Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory: Drama Get A Makeover (4/11/11)

rob dyrdeks fantasy factory drama gets a makeover

I wasn’t sure what the title of tonight’s episode was, but judging from the synopsis below “Drama Gets a Makeover” sounded good. I’m glad tonight’s episode is a Drama episode. As much as I love Big Black, I don’t want his return to overshadow the dynamic that Rob and Drama have these days. So get ready to see Drama turned into a “Mandime” as Rob puts it, on tonight’s episode of Fantasy Factory.

Rob learns that Drama plans to get a full mouth of veneers and he begins a mission to turn his cousin into the perfect man.

So this weeks episode had two main points, turning Drama into a ManDime as well as Rob getting a chance to race a Torc Truck. We start off with Rob looking for Drama because he’s 4 hours late to work. Apparently Drama has gone to the dentist to get molded for a set of veneers. His teeth are completely jacked so I can see why he would want them, but Rob thinks he’s going to turn out looking like a donkey with huge buck teeth. Vizita?i pentru a afla mai multe.

When Drama gets back, Rob has mini RC Torc Trucks at the factory for everyone to play with and we head off into a montage of RC car racing, but the real fun comes next as Drama’s veneer appointment comes up. Rob and Big go with him to the dentist just so they can sit there and make fun of him as he’s completely numbed up and drooling on himself. This was probably the funniest part of the episode, they just lay into him with no remorse. After all is said and done though, Drama’s teeth turn out fine and the next step is a makeover. Rob brings in a couple stylists, a spray tan booth and some photo equipment and they go to work on Drama. He gets ridiculous hair extensions and a spray tan and then Rob puts different outfits on him and takes pictures.

We end the episode with Rob racing a full size Torc Truck around a track and that’s it… The episode was pretty good. I liked the Drama parts of it the most, the Torc Truck stuff was cool, but Drama’s reactions to everything were just priceless.