Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory: Dodging Devil Donkeys (4/25/11)

rob drydeks fantasy factory dodging devil donkeys

Get ready to dip, dive, dodge, duck and dodge…. the 5 “D’s” of dodgeball! This week Rob and company look to start a dodgeball team to compete in a local competition in Los Angeles.

Dodging Devil Donkeys

Rob puts together a dodge-ball team and enters an extremely competitive tournament in Los Angeles.

This weeks episode had a lot to do with Chanel which was kind of nice, she’s lookin pretty good these days. Rob and his graphic designer introduce the first episode of the Wild Grinders TV show and Chanel wants to know why there isn’t a girl skater. Rob makes her a bet that if she can bomb the hill near Dodger stadium she can have a character in the Wild Grinders. In the end she bombs the hill flawlessly and gets her own character in the show, but that wasn’t the only thing that happened to her during this weeks episode. Chanel also took a couple dodgeballs in the face as the Dodging Devil Donkeys were practicing for their big match at the LA tournament. Rob got the team together because his friend runs the tournament and he thought that they could take on anyone… boy were they wrong. Chanel ends up with a chipped tooth and Rob takes a ball square in the nuts. Needless to say I think they’ll be sticking to skateboarding from now on.

A pretty good episode, glad to see they are incorporating Chanel into the show a little more. It’s always nice to have a little eye candy throughout the show.