Revolution – Pilot (9/17/12)

revolution tv show pilot synopsis 9-17-12

revolution tv show pilot synopsis 9-17-12

Tonight’s the night the world goes dark. The power will go off tonight and won’t ever come back on. Planes will fall straight out of the sky, even though there is no possible way that would happen with a loss of power, old cars will never turn back on, despite them not needing electricity to run… The blackout will change everything you thought you knew of the world and leave us in the dark… except of course for a magical USB stick inside of a pendant that apparently still has magical power induction properties that allows it to power things that are in it’s vicinity. Now I don’t want to keep bashing the show because aside from those three things, I had no issues with the pilot. I’m hoping they further explain why these things are possible, but it’s up to the producers how… in the dark… they want to keep us.

If you’re looking for a review of the first episode you won’t find it in this post, instead check out our previous post where we’ve already reviewed the Pilot for Revolution. The show has already been online for a couple weeks now so we had the opportunity to check it out and give a write up before the pilot made it’s network television debut. We will continue to follow the show every week and bring you a rundown of every episode, so keep checking back and let us know your thoughts as things progress. For now, we’ll leave you with the synopsis for the pilot episode, enjoy.


The post-apocalyptic series begins with Charlie and several others trekking from their pastoral home to Chicago in search of her uncle Miles, whom she hopes will help her rescue her brother Danny, who’s been taken by a militia. Along the way, she makes the acquaintance of an archer named Nate, who helps her crew out of a jame. Danny, meanwhile, struggles to free himself from the clutches of the militia.