Revolution – Chained Heat (9/24/12)

revolution episode 2 chained heat recap tv show

revolution episode 2 chained heat recap tv show

In the quest to rescue Danny from the evil clutches of Monroe’s Militia, Charlie finds herself trusting her uncle Miles as he leads her further and further away from where she believes she needs to be. Danny is still being held by Monroe’s men as they blaze a path back to base camp killing anyone in their path with a gun. I still don’t understand why guns are illegal and why crossbows and bow and arrows are not? And going back to the first episode, I still don’t understand why all the militia don’t carry normal guns? They all seemed to be carrying old-timey muskets while Captain Neville has a pistol… guns would still work guys… You know what else would still work? Old cars, but it would seem the transportation of choice is horses for some reason. Anyways, back to this week’s episode.

Charlie and her band of merry persons (google guy and annoying chick) have now teamed up with Miles as they begin their search for Mr. Asthma himself, Danny. It seems as though Miles’ plan is to just raid the Monroe Militia camp and take him back from Monroe himself, but in order to do that they’ll need Nora. Nora doesn’t really get much explanation other than she’s good with explosives, as well as McGyvering guns out of what looked like a small piece of pipe and a zippo. The make-shift gun is used to kill the wardon of the chain-gang that Nora was tied into as punishment for not paying her taxes, or something like that. It turns out that getting arrested was Nora’s plan all along and that the end goal in all of it was to steal the wardon’s sniper rifle, but when Miles and company rescue her, it throws a wrench into her plan. Using the zippo-gun, Charlie kills the wardon, Nora gets sliced up on her stomach, which they made a point to show, yet never showed any repercussions of, and they end up with the sniper rifle. The only reason I can think of for Nora getting her stomach sliced up was so that she had an excuse to take her shirt off that didn’t consist of “I’m hot and the audience would rather I walked around in a sports bra instead of a t-shirt”. When she takes her shirt off it’s discovered, via a tattoo of the American Flag, that she’s joined the resistance movement in an effort to take back the United States and restore it’s values. Things are starting to sound a lot more like Jericho these days…. A global event meant to turn everyone against each other in an effort to rebuild better than we were before… very similar except this time it’s a global event, not just the US, like in Jericho, and there’s no evidence that, that is even what the show is about… I’m just guessing here.

That’s the meat and potatoes of the 2nd episode, but we do get a glimpse at some other interesting things. Major spoilers if you haven’t watched it yet. So that woman that everyone thought was dead, you know, Charlie and Danny’s mother, Juliet from LOST…. yeah, she’s not dead at all, but her husband is definitely dead. We find out that Monroe seems to be holding her in some sort of house, keeping her comfortable, while he sets out to find Miles and anyone related to them who can hopefully help him turn the power back on. It’s an interesting revelation and we’ll have to wait and see what becomes of it, but that wasn’t even the most interesting part of the end of the episode. That woman that we saw last week, the one with the medallion like Ben had, that google guy now has, is discovered by a man named Randall. She clearly knows who this man is as she warns the person on the other end of her computer that he has found her. He breaks down the door and we can only assume that he chops off all of her fingers, allows them to heal into nubs, then tortures her by only giving her ribs to eat with no silverware… Ok, that’s probably not what he does, but we won’t find out this week… maybe next week.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you still interested in what’s happening to these people? Is anyone else already sick of trying to find Danny?