Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation Vol 1 Review

Four green turtles, heard the news? Changed to mutants by an ooze. Found on the floor and raised by a rat, Now they’re ninjas, how about that? Check it out, another one found made her way to Chinatown. With the rest, now that makes five. Ninja Turtles are alive!

When I first heard about this I was not sure what to expect. But when I received the copy, I was excited to see it was a live action version! Volume 1 contains a 2-disc set with the first 13 episodes and a run time of approximately 4 hours of live action Ninja Turtle butt-kicking.

The Next Mutation follows our well known turtles from the sewer; Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo. As we all know they fight crime in the great city of New York. Beating up the foot and frustrating the evil Shredder. As we all know, Shredder is a bad bad dude. In this 1990’s series, the turtles are up against a whole new evil; Dragon Skull. Dragon Skull has the power to use the chi against the turtles newest member, Venus De Milo, whom is a female turtle that has the powers of the Shinobi. The battle rages on as each side tries to gain control of the chi pool and save their master Splinter.


The video comes at you in 1.33:1 full frame. I did not expect the video to be crispy clear, but for what it was, it was pretty decent. The colors were a darker shade, to give it a gritty look, which was done very well. The lighting was also somewhat of a darker/dull shade as well. This too gave the show its gritty feel like you are actually in a sewer. Overall the picture looked pretty decent for it being a 1990’s show being put on DVD. 4/5


The audio is nothing to write home about. It comes at you in basic stereo. I messed around with my surround to see if I could get something else, but in all reality, and being the original broadcast, the track was as optimized as it would get. For what it is though, its good enough. The dialogue does not get drowned out by the music and vise versa. 3/5

Special Features

This DVD lacked any special features at all. I am guessing they might be doing like they did with the MMPR and put out the individual volumes and have a boxset with all of them including some special features. I was not to disappointed but I can not rate because there were none. 0/5

Overall I was pretty thrilled about this. I loved the old Ninja Turtle movies with the live action. The dialogue was “quippy”, and there were numerous times that I found myself laughing hysterically. For instance, the Dragon Skull has a side kick who always wants to eat a human or a turtle or whatnot, and he always gets beat up or thrown against a wall. There was also one instance where he popped out of a toilet. I mean come on! This was made back in the 90’s and I was laughing my ass off. At any rate, I really enjoyed and can’t wait until the next volume comes out, and I get lucky enough to review that. Another quality DVD transfer from the folks over at Shout! Until next time kiddos. Do your homework. 4/5