New “Fringe Season 5” Trailer

fringe season 5 trailer

[youtube id=”WbcX1o24fug” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The 5th and final season of “Fringe” is coming soon and it looks like we’ve got another trailer to hold us over for another month. The observers are coming and I’m not sure there’s much Peter and Olivia can do to stop them.

As much as I love “Fringe” and wish it would stay on the air, I’m glad they are wrapping things up the way they want to. I actually would have been totally fine with them ending it last season based on the season finale. A lot of things wrapped up nicely and while I saw the potential for things to continue, they didn’t necessarily have to. With that said, I’m glad they came back out for an encore. Knowing that this is the last season gives them more power and allows them to bring the show to a worthy conclusion. So we’ll see you guys on September 28th for the season premiere on FOX.