My Thoughts On The Xbox One Reveal

xbox one reveal impressions

Microsoft showcased the new Xbox One yesterday in a widely hyped reveal presentation that left some people a bit underwhelmed. Personally, I think the Xbox One looks awesome. I know the biggest complaint from most people is that they didn’t really focus on the games, and rather on the all-in-one home entertainment aspect to the console, but I that’s where things are going and thats what Microsoft needs to do to stay relevant.

The focus of the new system is to become the hub of your living room. From live TV, to movies, to video games and internet, the Xbox One wants to control everything you use to stay entertained while sitting on your couch. The design of the system itself is a bit clunky, it just looks like one of the original, 1st gen blu-ray players from Sony. And the kinect sensor looks as if it’s beefier than the previous iteration, but I’m not sure. The controller has remained very similar to the Xbox 360’s controller, which is good because Microsoft hit the nail on the head with that controller. The only complaints I’ve ever heard about the 360 controller was the terrible D-pad, but Microsoft listened and redesigned it. It also sounds like they added the ability to have some sort of feedback come through the trigger buttons.

The design of the physical console isn’t where Microsoft was trying to be innovative, it’s with the software. The Xbox One will run a stripped version of the Windows kernal (the dashboard looks just like Windows 8), and will allow you to seamlessly switch between games, live TV and anything else you want to do on the console. It’s things like this that left people a bit disappointed after the keynote yesterday. Microsoft focused so much of their time and energy on showing off the tv capabilities of the Xbox One, that we only got to see 1 game really… Call of Duty: Ghosts, and even with that we didn’t see any gameplay. And I understand that E3 is coming up and Microsoft has to save something for that show, but you’d think they’d want to at least appease the majority of the crowd at the keynote and show them some games. I even read that all the screams and cheers you heard while watching the live stream of the keynote, were in fact Microsoft employees in the back and not from the actual press in the audience… interesting.

So while not everyone was excited about what Microsoft put on display yesterday, I think the Xbox One is going to be a huge step forward in taking over the living room. I’m actually excited for all the TV interactivity that seems to be coming, especially the fantasy football and live sports stuff. I know a lot of people tuned out when they kept talking about sports, but that part actually really excited me. So I guess we’ll have to wait until E3 to see what some of the games actually look like, what the price point is, and when the system will actually be released, but as soon as you can preorder it, I’m putting down my money. Microsoft may have lost me when it comes to my home computers, but they’ll keep me around as long as the Xbox is in play. Hell, even if Apple decides that they need to release a game console, I’ll still stick with my Xbox.

So what did you guys think of the reveal? Were you disappointed with the lack of games talk? Did you like the TV stuff?