Last night’s episode was just kinda ‘meh’ for me. There were some funny parts, but overall I wasn’t really feeling it. Charlie’s notebook of all the places the waitress goes during they day was funny, in a creepy stalkerish sort of way. Artemis wanting to “blast her nips” and telling everyone she has a bleached asshole was pretty funny too. But the best part was when the poop is being dissected and there’s newspaper, credit cards and wolf hair in it, but it’s still not conclusive as to if it was Charlie or Frank. Overall this was a ‘so-so’ episode, it had it’s funny parts but I want more Charlie moments!

And you can download last nights episode now on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Season 4 - Who Pooped the Bed?

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  • Dee

    Bullshit dude this episode is a classic like every other 

    • AC Slater

      It’s funny, after going back and reading this post I made I don’t know what I was thinking. I’ve watched the episode countless times since then and you’re right, it’s a classic. Sometimes “Sunny” episodes just have to grow on you a bit.