My Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2012

most anticipated tv shows for 2012

most anticipated tv shows for 2012

2012 is here and that means that TV shows are going to be returning from their winter hiatus’ along with the beginning of a handful of new shows. So let’s run through the list of what new shows I’m excited to check out as well as which returning shows I can’t wait to pick up again.

Alcatraz is the latest TV show from JJ Abrams (Lost, Fringe) and is probably my most anticipated show of the new year. Hurly (Jorge Garcia) from LOST comes back to TV playing an expert on all things Alcatraz as he is tapped to help out the police when prisoners from Alcatraz start reappearing in present day after disappearing without a trace, decades ago. The show seems to have the mystery of Fringe and LOST wrapped in a crime drama, all of which are genres that I’ve been enjoying a lot these days, so I think it’ll be able to hold my interest for a while. I am a little worried that it’s going to be similar to Fringe or CSI-type shows, in that these prisoners from Alcatraz that are now appearing are just committing crimes and Hurly and the police have to track them down. It sounds eerily similar to Fringe in that Walter Bishop was tapped by the FBI to help solve these strange “Fringe Science” cases… I’ll definitely give this one a shot though, hopefully it’ll prove me wrong. Alcatraz starts on January 16th on FOX

The River is the latest in the P.O.V. camera angle craze, but this time in the form of a TV show. Created by the guy that brought us Paranormal Activity, Oren Peli, this show follows a group of people as they go searching the Amazon for a missing explorer. I am a huge fan of the P.O.V. type movies (when done right) so a TV series of the same model is extremely interesting to me. I’ve just now started to see more previews on ABC for the show, but I really hope that it doesn’t flop and I can at least get a full season out of it. This show premieres on ABC on Tuesday February 7th. If you want to follow all the action related to “The River” check out This River Fan Site.

Comic Book Men is an AMC reality show that follows the inner workings of Kevin Smith’s “Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash” comic book store out in New Jersey. Walt Flanagan, who has had small roles in a number of Kevin Smith Movies, is a long time friend of Smith and has appeared on Smodcast, runs the comic book store. This should be your typical comic book store version of something like Pawn Stars, but with that Kevin Smith wit/humor thrown in. I’m a fan of Kevin Smith so I’m definitely looking forward to this one. Walt is also pretty entertaining in the Smodcasts so I have no doubt he can carry the show. Comic Book Men premieres on AMC after The Walking Dead on February 12th.

Those are really the only NEW shows coming in 2012 that I’m really interested in picking up, but I am excited for shows like Fringe and The Walking Dead to start back up. On the other hand, there are a bunch of new shows that I’m definitely not looking forward to. Are You There Chelsea? just looks dumb and I can’t stand Chelsea Handler, I’ll pass even though the chick fro That 70’s Show is looking pretty good these days. The Firm seems like it’s going to appeal to a lot of people, but I just can’t get into the courtroom dramas. Rob looks like another cookie-cutter comedy that CBS is just throwing out there to try. I don’t dislike Rob Schneider, but I don’t really want to sit and watch him week after week. Smash looks like a more serious version of Glee with Katherine McPhee, who I recently had the pleasure of watching in “Shark Night 3D”… terrible movie by the way. I won’t be watching this one on purpose, but I have a feeling the girl will watch it so I’ll no doubt catch a few glimpses here and there. And finally Napoleon Dynamite as a cartoon has to be the worst idea anyone has ever come up with. I loved the movie, but needless to say, I will not be watching this TV show.

I want to wrap up this post by saying that The Office has run it’s course and needs to be canceled. It was a great show and gave me a lot of laughs, but without Steve Carell it just falls flat. End on a high note NBC and cancel this show already and bring back Community!