Modern Family Season 3 Blu-Ray Review

modern family season 3 blu-ray review

Congratulations to the cast of Modern Family for their Emmy win for best Comedy Series; a well deserved award. And with that said, lets jump right into season 3 of Modern Family on Blu-Ray. Modern Family is one of the few comedies on TV today that is still consistently funny from week to week. For those of you that haven’t been watching it from the start I’ll give you a little bit of background on what the show is about. The story follows different members of the Pritchett family as they go about their daily lives. Now, that might not sound that interesting to most people, but the hook here is that the Pritchett family is made up of 3 different “sides” of the family. When I say “sides”, I don’t mean the mother and the father’s side, it’s more like characters/ mini-families. Father to some, grandfather to more, and husband to one, Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill), is the founding father of this family, literally. He’s married to the always gorgeous, and much younger, Gloria (Sofia Vergara), who has a son of her own in Manny. This is the foundation for the whole Pritchett family. Then there is Cam and Mitchell. Mitchell is Jay’s only son, and just so happens to be in a very happy relationship with his partner Cam. The two of them have adopted a daughter named Lily. And finally, Claire, Jay’s only daughter, her husband Phil and their three kids, Haley, Alex and Luke make up the rest of the Pritchett family.

The story revolves mainly around the group as a whole, but each episode usually takes a storyline from each group individually and then weaves them all together in the end with some sort of message about the importance of family, and this season is no different. The season does have a few departures from the norm as the entire group goes on a vacation to a dude ranch, where as most of the other episodes focus around their home state of California. Even though we’re coming up on the 4th season of the show, every episode is consistently funny and grounded in reality. Sure there are some moments with Phil where you have to ask yourself how anyone in their right mind could be that naive, but at the same time I could see myself (and even my dad) doing the same things at times. It’s a great show from top to bottom and if you haven’t been watching it, for whatever reason, I suggest you pick it up and give it a shot. You might just find yourself relating to the Pritchett’s more than you thought.


It’s much harder to write about the audio and video when you can’t find anything wrong with them. Modern Family Season 3 is presented in 1080P and 5.1 DTS Master Audio, which provides an amazing viewing experience. Everything is crystal clear and easy to understand, it’s hard to find anything wrong with the transfer.

Special Features

The 3-disc set is loaded with special features that will make any fan happy, unless you’re a fan of commentary tracks, of which there are none. My only complaint about the special features is that they are spread across all three discs, meaning that in order to just watch those extras you have to keep switching discs. I would have much rather had the episodes on two (or three discs) and then the special features all on their own. It’s a small complaint, but I found it pretty annoying having to switch out discs each time I wanted to watch some more deleted scenes. Yes, there are plenty of deleted scenes on the set as well as a 9 minute gag reel that is pretty entertaining, but the best part of the extras are the featurettes. Each featurette runs between 3 and 10 minutes long aside from the 17 minute video of Ed O’Neill receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I really enjoyed the featurettes spread across this set as it gave a nice impression of what it’s like to work on the Modern Family set, hint: it’s awesome. The chemistry and fun this group has on the actual show definitely translates over to their working environment and I’m definitely jealous.

Overall, if you haven’t watched any episode of Modern Family you can pick this up and be just fine, although I would highly recommend going back to the beginning and starting with season 1. I mean, as soon as you start season 3 you’re going to want to go back and watch all of the previous episodes anyways so you might as well just pick up at the beginning. It’s a great comedy that continues to bring the funny as well as the heart. At this point Modern Family doesn’t show any signs of slowing down and I’ll be right there with it the whole way.

modern family season 3 blu-ray review