Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S01 Vol01 Review


As you can see in the title, I got the pleasure of reviewing one of my childhood favorites, Saban’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Watching this brought me back, as has all of the great releases from Shout! Factory! If you are not familiar with the Power Rangers, I advise you watch. Granted you will laugh because this show was released back in 1993, so the scripts and acting are pretty funny.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers follows five friends, Jason (Red Ranger), Zack (Black Ranger), Kimberly (Pink Ranger), Billy (Blue Ranger) and Trini (Yellow Ranger), who were chosen by Zordon to save the planet from the evil Rita Repulsa. Each is given a special power as well as a dinosaur, or “Zords” when combined together make the Megazor! Together this group of friends must use their close bond as well as teamwork and kick butt kung-fu knowledge, to defeat Rita and her oven baked monsters and henchman, the Putties, and save the world!

Like most of the shows back in the 90’s, this show taught kids a lot. Most of the time they explained what something meant, for example metamorphosis. It also taught children that teamwork is essential for overcoming odds that seem almost impossible. This first volume consist of the first 30 episodes on 3-discs with a run-time of 10 hours! Also for people who followed this, it does include the 5 episode Green Ranger arc.


Being the show was aired back in 1993, you get the original broadcast, which was in the standard 4:3 aspect. I was actually surprised how good it looked on my LED TV. I did not come into it thinking it was going to be some visual spectacle. The colors are a bit washed out but nothing that really annoyed me. It definitely looks like an old school kung-fu flick. (For the time frame) 4/5


The audio is nothing special, but being that as it may, it sounds as good as the source allows it to. Really nothing else to say about the audio, but fans of the series will be pleased that nothing really was changed for the worse. 3.5/5

Special Features

This was kind of a disappointment. You can choose either the boxset, which was over 300 episodes and packed with special features, or buy the individual ones, which contain no special features. None. Zilch. Nada. I was hoping I would get some special features to look at. Maybe the idea was to get all of the episodes in a 3 disc set to help conserve so they would not have to add an extra disc. So fans of this should get the boxset if you want to watch some behind the scenes or any sort of extras. I guess fans should not complain for a 30 episode set only costing $19 and some change. I really can not score this because there were none! 0/5

Overall I was pretty satisfied with this release. Other than the lack of bonus features, which can be seen on the 40-disc boxset, I got to live out another nostalgic moment! I actually laughed more this time around, only because of how ridiculous the acting was and also the dialogue of the wise cracking robot Alpha 5! Another funny thing that I noticed, which may seem pretty racist these days, or just my mind thinking it was a funny coincidence, but the black ranger was an African American and the yellow ranger was an Asian. Anyway, all jokes aside, if you are a fan of the show, I would definitely suggest picking this up. You will have a great laugh as well as live out your Saturday mornings once again. 4/5