Mac Lethal – “Look at me Now” Pancake Edition

mac lethal look at me now pancakes

I’m glad to see Mac Lethal getting a little love from his re-imagining of “Look At Me Now”, I guess I’m one of the few that had actually heard of him before this video. I’ve had his “Sun Storm” song on my iPod for years now and regularly play his stuff through spotify (god I sound like a hipster, ugh, sorry). But if you haven’t heard some of his actual songs I suggest you check them out. You actually may recognize “Sun Storm” from the very first season of America’s Best Dance Crew as it played in the background whenever a crew got sent home. Oh and yes he does name drop Chuck Testa, that’s how bad ass he is. Oh, you don’t know who Chuck Testa is? Watch below, right now. Noooooope Chuck Testa.

Update: This site just popped up, Texts From Bennett, which are apparently screenshots of actual texts between Mac Lethal and his 17 year old cousin who thinks he’s a thug… these are absolutely ridiculous and pure comedy gold at the same time, check em out.