Louie Season 2 Blu-Ray Review

louie season 2 blu-ray review

Louis C.K. is at the top of his game right now and the world is taking notice. To many of his peers, Louis is the greatest living stand-up comedian in the world and will go down in history next to names like George Carlin and Richard Pryor. He’s revolutionizing the way that comedians get their jokes into fans hands, and more recently turning the live tour on it’s head. He’s currently embarking on a national stand-up tour, hitting all areas of the US, but he’s doing it all without the help of Ticketmaster or any other big-box ticket outlets. Every ticket sold is $45 with no service fees. He’s even got a plan to cut out brokers from buying up loads of tickets and selling them on places like StubHub (although I’m not sure how he plans to police it). Louis wants people at his show that want to be there. He wants the people that buy his stand-up DVDs to be able to afford it and enjoy it for what it is. He just wants people to enjoy the work he does… and he’s doing a great job of it. And on top of it he finally has a successful TV show.

If you weren’t aware Louis had another show before this show called Lucky Louie which was on HBO and was more of a darker comedy that revolved around his home life with his wife and daughter. It only lasted 1 season (12 episodes) even though 8 more were ordered for a 2nd season. So it was nice to see that “Louie” is getting such high praise.

“Louie” airs on FX on Thursday nights with season 3 starting Thursday June 28, 2012, but we’re here to talk about season 2 which is out on Blu-Ray now. Season 2 consists of 13 episodes spanning over 2 discs. The subject matter of each episode tends to be its own complete package, meaning that there really isn’t any overall storyline that spans multiple episodes. Sometimes there are even 2 storylines per episode. Everything from relationships to pregnancy, even the war in Afghanistan are covered in season 2 of the show in a thoughtful and creative way, especially the Afghanistan episode. The way that Louis weaves together the stories and makes them interesting is unlike anything that anyone is doing on TV today, and the most impressive thing about it is that he does almost everything on his own… although I believe he’s got a little more help now with season 3. He was responsible for writing, directing, acting and editing all aspects of the show, which is exactly how he wanted it. He wanted this to be his show and nobody elses.

As you can tell I am a huge fan of the show and highly recommend picking up season 2 (as well as season 1 if you don’t already have it). And make sure to tune in to FX on Thursday nights to check out the new season.


“Louie” is shot all digitally and presented in 1.78:1 widescreen and looks just as good, if not better, than the broadcasts on FX. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the video transfer and everything is pristine.


Presented in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 the audio transfer is outstanding. Everything sounds amazing and crystal clear. The dialogue is never overpowered by the soundtrack and everything sounds perfect.

Special Features

The only special features found on this set are commentary tracks for the first 6 episodes. The first season had commentary tracks on every episode so this was a little disappointing, but it’s always fun to hear Louis talk about the creative process and what goes into making each episode. If you’re a fan of Louis and the show, then you’ll enjoy these commentary tracks.

Definitely pick up season 2 of “Louie” on blu-ray. Even if you’ve never seen the show, but enjoy his comedy, I would highly suggest this set.

louie season 2 blu-ray review