LOST: The Little Prince (2/4/09)

The Little Prince

Kate discovers that someone knows the identity of Aaron’s parents. On the island, the dramatic shifts through time place the remaining survivors in extreme peril.

Sounds like another great episode. So far this season has delivered on both asking more questions and answering a few so hopefully we continue on that path. I’ll be back tomorrow with easter eggs and my thoughts on the episode.

Now I’m getting a little annoyed at these first few episodes. They all seem to be following the same format of, jump back and forth in time with almost nothing happening the entire episode and then at the very end have one of the characters meet someone that they know from the present, in the past. Like Jin and roussou(sp?) last night and Widmore last week. It was cool the first time but I don’t want the rest of the episodes to be the same way.

So I didn’t really care for most of last nights episode, nothing really happened. Yes, the ending was really good and I enjoyed seeing Jin alive and meeting all the French people, but the whole ben trying to steal Aaron storyline seemed a little weak in my opinion, hopefully it fleshed out into more.

So what did you think if the episode??