LOST: The Incident Season 5 Finale

Update: Wow do I feel stupid… Season 5 Finale, not 6, thanks for the correction. 

I know I haven’t been writing about LOST too much recently, but I felt it was a good time to bring the topic back to the fore front with Season 5 wrapping up last night. This post is going to be filled with spoilers and theories of mine and others that I’ve have read on the internet this morning, so if you don’t want to know what happened or what I and other people think is happening then don’t read any further. 

I enjoyed the episode last night, but more so after reading some of the theories and stuff this morning. People out there have come up with some absolutely ridiculous ideas of what could be happening on the island and I wanted to get some other peoples thoughts on some of these theories. So last nights episode focused on Jack and Sayid trying to set off the hydrogen bomb at the Swan station which in turn would supposedly cause the plane never to crash on the island because the button would never have to be pressed by Desmond, therefore he would never forget to press said button which was the cause of the plane crash in the first place…. riiiiiight. Basically Jack’s thinking is that detonating the hydrogen bomb over Swan station will cause none of what happened, to happen. The Oceanic flight will land safely in Los Angeles and never crash on the island and everyone will go about their lives as if nothing happened. It seemed like a good theory… until Miles through in his two cents.

Miles brought up a good point which goes along with what Faraday has been saying the whole time, you can’t change things, what is meant to happen will happen. Therefore, Mile brings up the fact that maybe detonating the hydrogen bomb is what is supposed to happen and maybe they should just do nothing, but of course they don’t. 

Meanwhile in the present time, Locke and Richard are leading Ben and the survivors of the latest plane crash to see Jacob so that Locke can kill him. But then we find out that he wants Ben to kill him instead. And that’s all I’m going to say regarding the actual plot of the episode, I don’t want to give away the ending accidentally to people that may have read further than they should have, so now on to the theories about what’s really going on on island, after the jump.

1. Could Jacob and his friend (from the opening of the episode) be God and the Devil? Think about it, one is wearing white the other is wearing black, not-Jacob talks about how he wants to kill Jacob but apparently he can’t for some reason. He has to find a loop hole in order to do it. To me it sounds like this loop hole is getting someone that Jacob hasn’t touched to do the killing, or someone that Jacob has had never had any real contact with. In the episode last night we see that Jacob has had contact with all of the Oceanic people (that the show follows) at some point in their lives before currently being on the island. Hurly and Sayid weren’t visited by him until after they had been rescued, but Jacob seemed to be the one to convince those two to go back. Now Ben is the only one of the group that Jacob has never had contact with. Ben himself is pissed off because he’s never seen Jacob as Locke claims to have. And i think the only way not-Jacob could convince Ben to do the killing was if Locke came back from the dead and told him to do so. Ben was the one that killed Locke and if he comes back to life and starts saying all of this stuff about being the leader and the island is talking to him, etc…. then Ben is more likely to believe John over anyone else and therefore would kill Jacob for him. Which leads into the next thing.

2. not-Jacob can only present himself through people who have died. This is how Jack’s father appeared on the island after he had died. This would also explain why Jack’s dad appeared to Locke after he fell down the well and broke his leg before turning the wheel. Jack’s dad was the one that told Locke he must die and he did so knowing that he (not-Jacob) could then take Locke’s appearance and convince Ben to do what he wanted him to do, kill Jacob. Now in going with the 1st point above, God and Devil, that would make me think that not-Jacob is God and that Jacob is the Devil, or just good vs evil, but I don’t know. That could explain why at the very beginning Jacob says something about the ship in the distance and made it sound like not-Jacob didn’t think he had the power to bring anything to the island, but he proved him wrong. 

3. At the end after Ben stabs Jacob, Jacob says something like “They’re coming” which could mean that what the Losties did back in the 70’s with the hydrogen bomb forced the island to time shift, which could be what the big white flash at the very end and not the flash of a bomb exploding. Thus bringing all of the Oceanic survivors back to the present time, bringing Jin and Sun back together, etc. Which is how I think Season 6 will play out. I don’t think the island is just going to blow up and Season 7 is the plane landing in LA like nothing happened… that would be kind of boring. 

4. Another interesting thing going back to Jacob being the devil or the “evil” force on the island is his cabin. When the people carrying Locke’s body (Anna?) get to the cabin where Jacob is supposedly at they find a trail of ashes that has been broken. Now normally when dealing with evil and stuff of that nature you can force a barrier to keep something contained. The only title I can remember to use as an example is Tales from the Crypt Demon Knight. The guy had blood that would form a barrier around windows and doors and stuff, which the demons couldn’t cross, there was another movie with white powder or chalk or something and then Pulse (both american and asian versions) used red tape to keep the evil out, Spiderwick Chronicles had the same sort of thing too. So I’m thinking the ashes at Jacob’s cabin were to keep him in the cabin, since he’s evil. But since they found that the barrier had been broken he was able to relocate to the four-toed statue and who knows what else he’s been responsible for since the barrier was broken. I’m guessing we’ll find out who broke the barrier in the first place. Or… now that I think about it, it could be the other way around and that was Jacob’s place to hid from not-Jacob wanting to kill him. It could be keeping the evil out instead of in. And when someone disrupted the barrier, not-Jacob was able to get in and lock him in the statue until he found a way to kill him. So the good vs evil is still present, just not sure which way it goes yet. 

5. And one last thing Bernard and Rose. It’s not so much a theory as maybe an easter egg. Going back to the first season of the show the Oceanic survivors venture off the beach and find a cave in the jungle with a fresh water reservoir next to it and decide to take up camp there for a while. Now if you recall they found 2 skeletons in the cave which have yet to be explained… what if they were Rose and Bernard? Although this may not make sense if the hydrogen bomb caused the island to time shift and bring the 70’s Losties back to the present time since Rose and Bernard are part of that group and should have been/are time shifting with them, so they would be brought back to the present as well. So this one could be wrong, I had just read it on another site and thought it was interesting. 

6. Not really a theory as it’s pretty obvious, but the ship at the very beginning is obviously the Black Rock ship that ends up in the middle of the island, where they find the dynamite to blow the hatch in season 2 and possibly how Richard and maybe the others were brought to the island. 

7. Maybe God and the Devil reside on this island and for eternity they bring people to the island just to see what the people do and every time the people do the same thing and the results are always similar (whatever those may be) but maybe this time things are different and these people use their free will to change what is “supposed” to happen or maybe this just happens to be the one time that the loophole is found that will allow not-Jacob to kill Jacob finally. Kind of like The Matrix Trilogy. There have been a ton of “Neos” that have come through the Matrix before we were introduced to the story only this time is different and love prevails causing Neo to make a different choice than the previous Neos. Could this be what we will see from Jack/Kate or maybe Sawyer/Kate?

8. Going back to the idea that this is where Good and Evil (god/devil) reside, it could be the garden of eden, which would negate the idea of Bernard and Rose, but it helps with the idea of god/devil. If this is the garden of eden where God created Man and Woman, it’s not unlikely that it’s where he resides and this would explain the Adam and Eve skeletons in the cave….

And now I’m going back and rambling throughout the post….

And finally, the article I read had a bunch of comments thinking that Sayid was the skeleton that the Losties found in the VW bus when they initially found it in the future, but that’s wrong. It was Ben’s dad that was shot in the van and left there, always has been and they already explained that stuff in previous episodes. 

So that’s that, my take on last nights finale. I’d love to hear some of the other theories you may have so please leave a comment so we can get a good discussion going. Anything I missed? Any thoughts on the theories I posted above? Let me know…. too bad we have to wait until next January for some answers, but I have a feeling that the final season is going to be epic.