LOST: Season 6 – What They Died For (5/18/10)

With only 1 more episode, tonight, before the finale we’re sure to see some more questions answered and probably even more of them raised. I don’t know why people didn’t like last weeks episode so much, I thought it was great. I think people just need to realize that not every question is going to get answered because not every answer will move us towards the final resolution. It’s not going to be a cut and dry finale, there are going to be things that we never figure out that will be left up to our interpretation. So with that said, here’s the synopsis for this weeks episode and I’ll be back tomorrow with a small recap, easter eggs and hopefully some theories on how it all will end.

What They Died For

While Jack’s group searches for Desmond, Locke comes up with a new plan.

Alright, let’s jump into this, there will be spoilers from this week’s episode so if you haven’t seen it don’t bother reading on. We’re back to the island reality with flashes of the Alternate Reality again, as opposed to a side story like the Jacob/MIB episode last week. In the island reality Jack and company finally meet up with Jacob, who they can all see, and he explains to them why they are there…. Basically Jacob knew that the Man in Black’s whole agenda was to get off the island and in order to do that he needed to find the heart of the island, aka the light in the cave. Jacob knew that the only way that the Man in Black was going to be able to use the light is if he killed Jacob. So knowing that MiB would eventually find a way to kill him, Jacob set out to find a new person to protect the light from MiB, which are the Candidates.

We also learned that the names on the wall are the candidates, but just because they are crossed off doesn’t mean they couldn’t still be the protector of the island if they wanted to be. As Jacob put it, “it’s just a chalk line”. The reason that Jacob tapped all of them to come to the island as candidates is because they had no direction in their lives outside of the island, they were all miserable and essentially alone. He would never have taken someone that had a purpose in their life and this is why Kate was eventually crossed off the list. When they first left the island she became a “mom” and finally had a purpose, to look after Aaron, so Jacob assumed that she would not want to take the role of protector and leave all that behind. This also leads me to believe that it was Jin’s name on the wall of the cave and not Sun’s because when Sun was off the island she had a baby, therefore she had a purpose in life, but Jin wasn’t even aware that the baby was born or even what happened to Sun, so he still didn’t have a purpose, which is why his name was still on the list. But in the end I guess none of that matters since they both died anyways, which is also kind of sad because now the daughter is parentless, but I guess that’s a choice Jin was willing to make.

So Jacob then gives the 4 of them, Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley the choice of whether or not they want to be the protector of the island. He also says that none of them have to be the protector, but if nobody steps up then things will get really bad. He also offers up the choice because that’s one thing he never had, needless to say Jack accepts the position. This was pretty obvious from the start considering he’s the one that realized, off the island, that his life was in shambles and he had nothing in the real world as well as starting to realize that he had a purpose on the island, and protecting it was that purpose.

It’s at this point that we learn that the wine that Jacob’s mother gave him to make him age-less (not immortal, since Jacob was killed) was not the key to becoming that way. Jacob just needed to bless a liquid of sorts in order for it to have the same power, which clears up my question from before as to how someone would be the protector when the Man in Black smashed the bottle of wine previously. It also shoots down my theory that Aaron, having been born on the island, was the only one that could become the new protector. So Jack is now like Jacob and now has to protect the island from the Man in Black.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the island Widmore, Ben, Zoe, Miles and Richard all run into each other back at the Dharma village. Ben, Miles and Richard are looking for C4 that Ben stashed away in his house so that they can blow up the plane to keep anyone from leaving the island. Widmore shows up and tells them at he’s had that plane wired with explosives since the moment he got to the island, which shoots down my theory last week of “Locke” putting the explosive there to force the Losties onto the sub in order to blow them up. Eventually Locke shows up and pummels Richard as the smoke monster, not sure if he killed him or not and then casually walks up to Ben and informs him that he needs Ben to kill some people for him. Miles has already run off into the jungle at this point so he’s on his own. Locke then asks Ben where Widmore is and he tells him they are hiding in the secret room behind his bookcase. So they wander back there and find Zoe and Widmore hiding out, Zoe starts to talk and Widmore tells her to be quiet and not talk to him, so Locke kills her saying that she’s of no use to him if she’s not going to talk. Locke then asks why Widmore is back on the island and Widmore explains that he brought Desmond back to the island as a fail safe in case he couldn’t stop him. And now it’s theory time.

I think the “fail safe” that Widmore is talking about is using Desmond to destroy the island. Desmond is immune to large amounts of electromagnetism as we’ve seen earlier this season. So since the island is full of this electromagnetism I think that the “light” that Jacob/Jack needs to protect is a huge pocket of electromagnetism. That being said, if you were to throw Desmond down the hole into the light there would probably be an interesting reaction due to the fact that he can survive large doses of it, possibly creating either some sort of bomb that would destroy the island or some sort of reaction that would cause it to sink. And I think this is what Widmore tells to Locke before Ben guns him down and that’s why Locke says that he already got the information he needed and they need to find Desmond so that he can destroy the island, but Desmond has some how escaped from the well….

So that was what happened on the island, but what about in the Alternate Reality. Well, Desmond is the key there as well, but I’m still not sure how it all plays together. Desmond is working with Hurley to make people that were on Oceanic Flight 815 remember the island reality by bringing people together. I think when Desmond was blasted with the electromagnetism on the island reality, it some how split his consciousness so he knows everything that happened in the island reality and is using that to help people remember in the AR… but I’m still not sure what the AR has to do with anything.

Maybe the show will end with the AR being the only reality after Locke succeeds in using Desmond to destroy the island in the island reality. This would explain the island being sunk in the AR, which we saw in the first episode this season. But that is still a little weird for me to wrap my head around and explain. I have some theories on how that would work in regards to the hydrogen bomb going off and splitting the realities back in 1977 and then how the two realities are actually one reality, but some it wouldn’t make sense then like how Jin and Sun are alive in the AR and not on the island anymore… and stuff like that. It’s just hard to explain, but I think ultimately that’s what we’re going to end up with, just the AR being a reality where everyone has a purpose now and the island being destroyed in the island reality. But anyways, back to what happened in the AR.

Desmond is now trying to meet up with everyone that was on that flight and bring them together. We know he ran down Locke with his car a few episodes ago, but he then goes back to the school and gets confronted by Ben who he then beats the crap out of, thus giving him flashbacks of when Desmond beat the crap out of him on the docks. He then goes to the police station where Sawyer and Miles are detectives and turns himself in, thus getting locked into a cell with Kate and Sayid. Meanwhile Locke meets back up with Jack at the hospital after Ben tells him what Desmond said to him about trying to get Locke to Let Go, which is what Jack said to him before. They meet and Locke agrees to go through with the surgery on his back to fix him. Ben is then “kidnapped” by Alex and her mother who turns out to be Rousseau in the AR, and they bring him over for dinner and everyone hits it off.

Back at the police station, Desmond, Kate and Sayid are now being transferred to county jail, but Desmond gets Hurley to pay off the officer driving them there and they are let go. The police officer happens to be Ana Lucia, whom Hurley remembers, but she doesn’t remember him. Desmond asks if she’s coming with them and Desmond tells him that she’s not ready yet. It’s at this point that Sayid goes with Hurley and Kate goes with Desmond to a concert, which I can only assume is Jack’s son’s concert that he is also going to. I think this is Desmond’s way of getting Kate and Jack to meet each other so that they can begin to remember what happened on the island.

And where it goes from there, I’m not sure. But I’m pretty confident in my theory about Desmond being the key to destroying the island so we’ll have to see what happens Sunday during the 2 hour 30 minute series finale. I still think a lot of people are going to be disappointed by what happens on Sunday and people are still going to have questions, but going into it I feel that things are going to wrap up nicely for me in the end.

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