LOST: Season 6 – What Kate Does (2/9/10)

The final season of LOST continues tonight with hopefully more answers and I’m sure more questions. And for those fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia it looks like Mac’s character, Aldo, will be returning tonight for hopefully a bigger role than the last time we saw him, for all of 10 seconds. So as always, check after the jump for a recap of the episode as well as easter eggs and theories, but for now you can find the synopsis below.

What Kate Does

Kate’s on the run while Jack must do something that could jeopardize the life of a friend.

Spoilers from here on out, don’t read if you haven’t watched the episode. And let me know if I missed anything or got anything wrong (as I did last week).

I’ll be honest, after watching last night’s episode I didn’t get a whole lot of new information out of it. As far as easter eggs go the only thing I noticed was that the stuffed killer whale that Kate finds in Claire’s bag in the AR (alternate reality) is the same killer whale that Aaron had in a previous season when Jack and Kate were taking care of him. That’s really the only true easter egg I noticed. Sure I saw that Ethan was Claire’s doctor in the AR, but it was pretty obvious. And there is also the parallel between what Ethan says to Claire while in the hospital and what happened to Claire back on the island when Ethan got a hold of her. If you don’t recall, back on the island Ethan had Claire in one of the dharma bunkers and was pumping her full of drugs against her will and in the AR now he is a nice guy and tells her that the drugs to keep Aaron from being born are her choice…

So there were a few little easter eggs here and there, but nothing too major in my eyes and the rest of the episode didn’t really answer any questions. We still don’t really know who or what is inhabiting Sayid (if anything), but we do learn that he has been “claimed” and “infected” by something. That something could be the same sort of “infection” that turned Rousseau’s crew (they were her crew right? The french people) into killers. And Rousseau always talked about how they were infected so it could be the same thing, which is why Dogen (the temple leader) needs to kill Sayid with the poison pill before it spreads through him. And on top of that we also find out that the infection took over Claire, who we see at the very end of the episode showing no remorse as she kills Aldo (Mac) and his partner as they were chasing down Jin in the jungle.

So lets start with the infection and what it could possibly be. Going off the idea that Jacob is good and The Man in Black aka Locke aka Smoke Monster is bad it would make sense then that the temple people wanted Sayid dead. If you think about it, the list that Jacob gives to the temple people (through Hurley) could have been a list of people that Jacob needed alive to fight for him against the Man in Black, but when the healing water was tainted and no longer possessed the power to heal Sayid the temple people knew that they had to kill him in order go keep the Man in Black from “claiming” Sayid for his side. So they killed him, but somehow (?) he came back and was then “claimed” as part of the dark side and would soon turn just like the French people had. This would also explain why the temple people would be trying to kill him with poison although I’m not quite sure how he came back to life the first time and how killing him again would prevent him from coming back again….

So that kind of leads into the next thing, those “Losties” that were touched by Jacob or met Jacob in someway in the past, like Hurley getting the guitar case, have already been “claimed” for his side, but I guess that would only make sense if people like Claire, Locke, Sayid… were never visited by Jacob in the past, which I honestly can’t remember. Basically what I’m getting at with all this is that I believe that the Man in Black is claiming people for his side where Jacob has other people claimed for his side and it’s all just building an army for an epic battle between the two.

Now back to the AR with Kate and Claire. The only real significance that I found to any of this was that the events that happened on the island after the plane crash are still happening in a similar fashion off the island in the AR. Kate is still with Claire when she “almost” has the baby, the baby is still being named Aaron and she is “forced” to keep him instead of giving him up for adoption. Kate ends up free, for the time being.  Ethan is a doctor that has something to do with Claire and Aaron… There are probably more things, but I’m not great at remembering every little detail from the past seasons, but it seems as though the AR is still playing out in a similar fashion to the way things played out when the plane first crashed on the island back in season 1.

Those are really the only big things that I noticed from last nights episode and they may be completely wrong. What are your theories regarding what happened last night and how everything is tied together? What is the “infection” or being “claimed” as they put it? What the hell is going on on this damn island!!??