LOST: Season 6 – The Substitute (2/16/10)

Tonight’s episode looks to be a Locke episode, so hopefully we’ll start to get some answers about why The Man in Black has taken over Locke’s body maybe we’ll get some incite into the end game of all this. Don’t forget we’ll be back tomorrow with a recap, theories and of course easter eggs. So if you have any theories we’d love to hear them.

The Substitute

Locke seeks help to support his cause.

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This episode was all about John Locke, whether it was the Man in Black/Smoke Monster/Fake Locke on the island or Real John Locke off the island in the alternate timeline. I don’t really want to go through and do a recap of the entire episode, but I will touch upon some of the main parts that stuck out to me. Obviously the theme that even in the alternate time line when the plane doesn’t crash, everyone seems to have some sort of interaction with each other. Hurley ends up buying the company that Locke work(ed) for and then ends up setting him up with a temp agency, which he also owns. There was one thing that stuck out to me regarding the scene when John first meets Hurley in the parking lot. So Hurley parked right next to John’s van and was so close that John couldn’t get his wheel chair access elevator to come out… then how the hell did Hurley get out of his car! 🙂 Other than that scene in the AR, I don’t recall anything ground breaking from that storyline, most of the interesting stuff took place back on the island with the other Locke.

So back on the island The Man in Black/Locke seems to be recruiting Sawyer for something, either a way to get off the island or somehow becoming the new Jacob and protecting the island. I did find it interesting that when Sawyer and Locke climbed down the ladder into Jacob’s cave, of all the names written on the ceiling/walls, Kate’s was not there and they never showed the little flashback of Jacob touching Kate previously in her life.  So apparently Jacob touching people caused him to be able to control how their lives played out, thus bringing them to the island to become his “substitute” as Locke kind of told us. There were a lot of names on that wall though, besides just the current main characters. “Littleton” was on there, but was crossed out… that could possibly be Claire or Aaron, but we do know that once you die your name gets crossed out so this just leads me to believe that Claire did die and The Man in Black was able to “infect” her and turn her into one of his recruits. But I’m still not sure how all that works. I assumed before that if Jacob had touched you at any point in your life, he was claiming you and you would then be on his side, but he touched Locke and The Man in Black was able to take over his body… but then again, maybe it has to do with death. Once you’re dead, Jacob’s power over you is gone… maybe (I’m kind of thinking out loud here).

Also while in the cave Locke picks up a white rock which was on one side of a balance scale thingy, the other side being a black rock, and threw it into the ocean. I think this only re-enforces the fact that The Man in Black/Locke is evil and Jacob is good. Good vs. Evil has always been a central theme of the show and I think this is just the culmination of everything we’ve been seeing, these 2 are the actual God/Satan relationship that holds the island together. Although I am a little confused about the kid in the woods that Locke and Sawyer sees. He says “You know the rules, you can’t kill him” to Locke, which I can only assume means that he can’t straight up kill Jacob, but Jacob is already dead so I’m not sure what’s going on here. Unless Sawyer is somehow already the new Jacob of the island and the kid is saying that Locke can’t kill Sawyer, which is also why he saves him on the ladder when he almost falls. It could also explain why Locke tells Sawyer that they have 3 choices, they could do nothing and see how it plays out, Sawyer can become the new Jacob and protect the island, or the two of them can leave the island once and for all. This kinda makes me think that Sawyer is the new Jacob already and the only way for Black Smoke Monster Locke to leave the island is if his counterpart, Jacob, leaves as well, and since that is Sawyer it would make sense… It may also explain why Sawyer was able to see the kid in the forest when Richard couldn’t.

So that’s my big theory for this episode, Sawyer is already the new Jacob. What does everyone else think? What did I miss? I know there are some things that happened that I didn’t right about (Jacob’s ashes being taken by the woman on the beach to protect her from the smoke monster, etc), but what are your theories?