LOST: Season 6 – The Package (3/30/10)

Looks like this weeks LOST is a Jin and Sun episode, the two still can’t seem to find each other on the island. Not much else to say so you can find the plot synopsis below and I’ll be back after the show airs to throw out some theories and easter eggs.

The Package

While Sun and Jin continue to search for each other, the Locke monster faces his enemy

I’ll be honest, I don’t really have a whole lot to say about this week’s episode because I don’t feel like a whole lot happened. We barely saw anything going on on the island and most of the Jin/Sun alternate reality story was pretty obvious as we saw Jin tied up in Sayid’s AR story earlier in the season so we knew something was going to happen which would lead to him being tied up. What we did see in the AR is that Jin and Sun are not married and that Mikhail (the translator) gets shot in the eye, thus losing his eye and if you remember back to a previous season he’s missing an eye and rocking a sweet eye patch.

That’s the only thing I really noticed from the AR, but the forums are a-buzz with people thinking that Keamy, the guy who ties up Jin, makes mention of the island when he’s tying him up… but people are just mistaken and hearing what they want to hear. He says something along the lines of ” I’m going to tie you up here just incase you figure out what’s about to you happen to you, and I can’t have you freaking out”. There’s no mention of “island” in that sentence at all…

Back on the island there were only a couple things I found interesting. Widmore captures Jin because his name is on a map that they had, probably from the Dharma era when the Losties were in 1977 and Jin was searching the island for Jack(?). I also found it interesting that the Man in Black can’t turn into the smoke monster and cross water, the only way he can do it is in Locke’s body (or any body), via boat. Which also leads to the question of who or what were people seeing when they saw Jack’s Dad on the hydra island (can’t remember if it was Jack that saw him or not, but I know someone saw him), as well as Michael seeing him on the freighter… If the smoke monster can’t cross water then what was it? And then of course the fact that Desmond was “The Package” (which I predicted 2 weeks ago), but what purpose he serves I’m not sure yet.

Other than that, there were a few instances of the “numbers” showing up, but not a whole lot else. I was honestly kind of bored with this episode. I don’t know if it’s my lack of interest in Jin and Sun or the fact that it felt like a filler episode to me, but I’ve been impressed with all the previous episodes so far so I can handle 1 disappointing one.

What did you guys think? Did I miss anything? Was the episode more exciting than I perceived it as?