LOST: Season 6 – The Last Recruit (4/20/10)

And we’re another episode closer to the end. Here’s the synopsis for this week’s LOST… not really much to say about it so I’ll see you guys tomorrow for a quick rundown.

The Last Recruit

The Locke monster’s camp merges with Jack’s, and alliances are forged (and broken). L.A. segments focus on Jack.

I don’t have much to say regarding last night’s episode in the way of Easter Eggs and theories, but we did find out a few things that were kind of interesting. Smoke Monster Locke informs Jack that he was in-fact the incarnation of Jack’s father that he saw when they first crashed on the island. Smokey said that he has always been helping them, not there to hurt them and that’s why he took that form, so he could lead Jack to fresh water. My head is starting to explode from reading these lost forums and what people are reading into and taking away from each tiny little plot detail that’s revealed so I’m leaving it as the Smoke Monster took the form of Jack’s dad right after the crash. Personally I believe that every incarnation of Jack’s dad was the Smoke Monster, but after reading these forums a lot of people would disagree with me and just say that Smokey is a liar… ok then.

The other big question that people seemed to have from last night’s episode is that supposedly Sun was shot the day after the flight from Australia, yet she’s wheeled into the hospital at the same time as Locke who has been home for at least a week based on other conversations throughout the episode. He’s had time to get fired from his job, meet with Hurley’s temp agency and start substitute teaching at the school… obviously it’s been more than a day, but to these people claiming that Sun/Jin have only had 1 day pass…. how do we know that? I don’t recall anyone telling us that what we saw of Jin/Sun in the hotel was the day after they landed from Australia. Who’s to say that they haven’t been shacked up in a hotel for a week with the meeting Jin had being later… There’s no indication of how much time has passed in their storyline, so it could have very well been a week. The thing that did confuse me is how Sun recognized Locke in the AR. I get that there is Deja Vu between people and some people have been having memories of the island reality… The only thing I can think of is that since Sun was shot, thus having a near death experience, she could have gotten a flash of the island reality in the same way that Charlie did when he was choking on the heroin.

Other things that happened; Jack is really starting to believe that the island isn’t done with him so he jumps off the Elizabeth (Desmond’s sailboat actually) and swims back to join Smokey’s crew, Claire is starting to trust people again and joins Sawyer, Kate and others as they steal the boat and head to Widmore’s camp only to be ambushed at gunpoint. Jin and Sun finally reunite. And lastly, I don’t believe that Sayid killed Desmond in the well. Now, I don’t think that Sayid can be brought back from the darkside as Hurley put it, but I still think there is some little bit of Sayid left in that body and that person couldn’t kill Desmond. That well also looked a hell of a lot shallower than I remember from last week when Smokey dropped a torch down it. Other than those things, Jack and Claire were introduced in the AR with Desmond’s guidance and Jack and Locke were brought together as well…. Like I said last week, Desmond seems like the new Jacob, this whole thing might end in a vicious circle with another plane crashing on the island or a ship or something, and it’ll be Locke and Desmond sitting on the beach talking about things…

So what did you guys pull away from last night? What did I miss?