LOST: Season 6 – The Candidate (5/4/10)

After a week off we are back with more LOST tonight and it should be a good one. Actually, it better be a good one cause the season is winding down here and I don’t think they can afford to give us a lame episode when we’re so close to the end. Below is the synopsis for tonight’s episode and I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap, easter eggs and whatever else I find.

The Candidate

Jack questions Locke’s motives after he’s asked to perform a tough task.

A lot went down this week in Lost and I don’ think there is anyway for me to go into it without posting spoilers, so for those of you that haven’t watched it I would advise that you don’t read any further.

We learned a few things last night as the Losties were taken hostage by Widmore’s people and subsequently rescued by Jack, “Locke” and Sayid. Widmore seems to be more on the good side of things, or at least he has some idea of what “Locke” is capable of and is trying to protect the Losties, however it seems as though he’s hired some incompetent security to help him achieve his goal. When they landed on the Hydra island, and after a touching reunion between Sun and Jin, his people rounded them all up and threw them into the polar bear cages that Sawyer and Kate were locked in, in the past. He also positioned some of those electric fence thingies around the cages so that the big bad smoke monster couldn’t get to them… Ok, so he sets up that fence yet he doesn’t have more security on the generator running them? Sayid had no problem killing the power to the pylons and allowing “Locke” to kill all of the security guarding the cages.

After Jack rescues them they head to the airplane to fly off the island, but “Locke” has already gone there and found C4 hidden in the overhead compartment. He claims that Widmore set the explosives to kill them all as soon as they turned on the electrical of the plane, but as the episode progresses that didn’t make sense to me and I’ll get into why in a minute. So because of the bomb on the plane and the fact that they don’t know how much more C4 could be hidden on it, “Locke” suggests they take the sub.

Apparently “Locke” has been aware of Sawyer’s plan to ditch him and escape the island himself, probably due to the fact that Sawyer had already tried to ditch him once by taking the sailboat to the sub and leaving him on the main island. So knowing that, “Locke” knew that Sawyer wasn’t going to let him on that sub with the rest of them. And in knowing that, he put the C4 in Jack’s pack and sent him on his way. But this part confused me a bit. Jack was pretty convincing in that he wasn’t going to be getting onto the sub so why put the C4 in his pack? He never would have gotten on the sub if Kate had not gotten shot… or I guess he could have gotten on the sub when Widmore’s people started shooting up the dock whether Kate got hit or not, and “Locke” could have known there would be a firefight.

The whole Sawyer telling Jack to push “Locke” into the water was interesting as well. Unless “Locke” has been lying, again, he can’t turn into smoke and fly over water, which is why they had to take the boats to Hydra Island. So if that’s the case, then water has something to do with his ability to be smoke and I think it’s related to the electromagnetism of the island. Think of Back To The Future II and the hover boards. They use magnets to hover, the earth’s magnetism, so since the island has special electromagnetic properties, and Widmore made mention that the only way to kill “Locke” was with a burst of the same (as demonstrated on Desmond), it would make sense that “Locke” can’t become smokey if he’s off of land and in the water, since the same properties don’t exist. Now, it seems a little odd that he couldn’t transform seeing as how he’s literally 10 feet from the island and we know that the special properties of the island won’t even let boats or helicopters fly/float out of range without a certain heading, so that should mean that even over the water there’s almost a bubble of electromagnetism… but maybe not.

So everyone is on the sub and Claire and “Locke” are left standing on the dock after “Locke” pulls himself out of the water and goes on a gun shooting rampage, presumably because he was wet he couldn’t turn into old smokey to kill the dudes… And this is exactly what “Locke” wanted and has been planning. It turns out that “Locke” cannot directly kill Candidates on the island, he can only create events and situations in which they kill each other. And we know from the Richard/Jack episode on the Black Rock that the Candidates can’t seem to kill themselves either… which leads to the situation on the sub.

Let’s go back to the C4 on the plane for a second, why would Widmore plant the C4 on the plane? He obviously doesn’t want to kill the Losties, he was trying to protect them in the cages, and he knows that “Locke” can only be killed by a large electromagnetic blast so the C4 wasn’t going to do anything to him…. I think that somehow “Locke” had the C4 planted on the plane, whether it was him or Sayid that went off and did it at somepoint. However, the only reason I can think for Widmore to actually plant the C4 was to just take down the plane so they couldn’t leave. It wouldn’t have killed “Locke” but it would have destroyed a mode of transportation, but this is strange because we come to find out that “Locke” doesn’t actually want to leave the island, he just needs the Candidates to kill each other, which brings us back to the sub.

“Locke’s” entire endgame was to get the Losties confined the same small area so that they could be killed or rather, kill each other, and the bomb plus the sub was the way to do that. Jack realizes that “Locke” can’t kill them and warns Sawyer not to pull the wires, but since he does, he is essentially the one that killed them, not “Locke”. The bomb itself wouldn’t have gone off without Sawyer’s intervention and of course when it does this leads to Jin and Sun’s demise as well as Frank, the pilot, but I don’t think he was ever a candidate (or at least not an original one) so I’m not sure his life or death mattered, just like Kate’s. And everyone would have died had it not been for Sayid’s glimpse back from the dark side and his intervention.

Other than that, in the Alternate Timeline it seems as though everyone is converging on the hospital, so I wonder if that place as some significance. Jack works there, Claire was there looking for him, Sun was there recovering and Jin was visiting her, Locke was there after the car accident…. who knows, just an idea. But we do learn that Locke was injured in a plane crash in the AR, that left his father unable to walk or speak and he won’t get the experimental surgery to fix his legs because he feels guilty for ruining his dad’s life.

Also, did anyone notice that when Claire and Jack were sitting in that room looking at the music box, the background (floor of the room) and the walls seen behind them in the mirror made the whole scene look like they were sitting on the island? I had to rewind it a couple times to check it out, but that was kind of cool.

So overall a pretty good episode, I think things are going to start getting really interesting now that we’re nearing the end. So what did you guys come away with that maybe I missed or completely missed the mark with?

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