LOST is finally making it’s return to television tonight for it’s 6th and final season. If you need a refresher on what has happened so far “LOST: The Final Chapter” will run before the 2 hour season premiere tonight and should be a nice recap for those of you that may have forgotten what all went down last season.

In the past I’ve only written about certain episodes and theories I had, but since this is the last season and there are only 16 episodes, I think I’m going to try to write about each one after they air. Hopefully we can get some discussion going here and point out any easter eggs, hidden meanings, theories, etc. So check back tomorrow for a more in depth analysis of tonight’s episode and check below for the synopsis (there were some spoilers in the synopsis, but I left them out for now)

The sixth and final season begins in the aftermath of the H-bomb detonation, as the survivors learn “when” they are.

There are nothing but spoilers after the jump so if you haven’t watched the episode yet don’t read ahead.

What a season premiere, while I was a little confused at first, mainly because I couldn’t completely remember all of the little things that occurred at the end of the last season, I was able to catch up pretty quickly and figure out what was going on… and there’s a lot. This episode was shown differently than past episodes, instead of doing flashbacks or time travel or any of that, we seemed to be shown an “alternate dimension” of sorts. Now before I get into this, most of these are going to be my theories of what’s going on, so if you disagree feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

The episode opens with Juliet getting dragged into the hole with the bomb and then smashing it with a rock which causes a bright flash of white light. We are now on Oceanic Flight 815 with Jack, there’s some turbulence, but the plane doesn’t go down it just continues on it’s path. I think this was where there was some dialogue between Rose and Jack and then they pan out the window and the camera flies through the clouds and down into the ocean. Once we’re underwater we see a Dharma shark swim past the camera (yes it has the Dharma tattoo) and then we see the remains of the Dharma camp on the island. So what this is basically saying that in this reality or dimension, the H-Bomb exploding worked, the island sunk and the plane never crashes, so everything you see on the plane and in Los Angeles is actually happening, it’s just an alternate dimension. And there are some subtle clues in the dialogue and incidents that occur on that plane, like Boone telling Locke that if the plane goes down he’s going to stick with him, back on the island Boone did stick with Locke. Also the whole Charlie dying thing, etc.

There were a few things with the alternate dimension theory that I didn’t get though. So if the H-bomb worked and the plane never crashes, how is Desmond on the plane? He wasn’t on the original flight… he was sailing when he ended up on the island way before the Oceanic people ever did.  And the last thing I found weird was the guy sitting between Locke and Boone, asleep (he also appears in line for the cabs) was one of the guys from the Dharma Initiative, if I remember correctly… if not the Dharma, it was something, but he was definitely already on the island and we’ve seen him before. (Wilson, in the comments, informed me that this guy is Neil “Frogurt” and he was an original survivor of flight 815, not Dharma, just not a main character. He gets shot with a flaming arrow in the 1950’s storyline). So unless the H-bomb caused a complete change in reality, which it very well may have considering Hurley was the “luckiest guy in the world” in this new dimension with the plane, then there are some inconsistencies with the first plane ride, but I don’t think the writers/producers would flub something like this accidentally.

So my theory is that the H-Bomb worked, as Juliet tried to tell Sawyer before she died back on the island in the other dimension (Miles helped him get the information from her spirit after she died) and there are now 2 alternate dimensions, the dimension where we see the plane never crashing is a dimension where the course of every event has been changed since 1977 when the H-Bomb actually exploded, thus changing everything we originally saw with people’s pasts up to this point. So with that idea it makes sense that Desmond ended up on the plane because everything since 1977 would have played out just a little bit differently in all their lives.

So that stuff above kind of encompasses all of what happened with the “flash sideways” as some people are calling them, but if we go back to the opening scene, we see the Dharma shark, the underwater island and then Jack on the plane and we fade to the LOST title screen, but when we came back from commercial we were back in 1977 and watching Juliet fall down the hole and smashing the bomb with a rock again, only this time after the flash we’re back in present day on the island, present day being the time when Locke has died and those people had gathered on the beach by the foot statue, etc. So this whole thing backs up the idea that it’s 2 different dimensions playing out simultaneously… why else would they show us 1977 again.

So that’s what I think is going on with the 2 different storylines playing out. I’m not sure if they’ll come together at some point or what will happen, but I think that’s what we’re going to be seeing this season, instead of flashbacks or time travel we’re going to see glimpses into each dimension playing out after the H-bomb explosion. Maybe the island will sink at the end of the season and all the people on it will die, but their alternate dimension selves will still live on as if nothing ever happened, but they’ll still have glimpses and deja vu type moments relating back to the island even though they were never there.

So let’s get to the “Island reality” as I’ll be referring to it from now on. The main storyline here is basically the battle between Good and Evil or Jacob and The Man in Black. So Sayid is still dying after the explosion and Jacob comes to Hurley and tells him that he needs to bring Sayid to the temple in order to save him. Meanwhile Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Miles are trying to rescue Juliet from under the rubble of where “The hatch” was because that’s where the H-bomb went off and she was stuck down there when it happened. She ends up dying, but Miles is able to communicate with her spirit, as he’s done in the past, and she tells them “It worked” meaning that the H-bomb did work (hence 2 realities/dimensions).

Back on the beach at the foot statue, Ben has already killed Jacob, which is how he appears in spirit to Hurley, and now he’s asking to see Richard in the temple, but instead Jacob’s bodyguards, as Locke refers to them, enter the temple instead and take a shot at Locke who ducks behind a pillar. All of a sudden the smoke monster appears and kills all of them except for Ben. As Ben is walking out, Locke appears again and says “I’m sorry you had to see me like that”. So basically Locke is the smoke monster, but Locke isn’t Locke anymore. The real John Locke is dead and his body is laying on the beach, The Man in Black has taken the form of Locke and is also the smoke monster and now he wants to get off the island.

Meanwhile, Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, Miles and Jin work on getting Sayid to the temple by going through the hole in the wall that Jin saw the smoke monster kill someone from in the past, the body is laying just inside the hole, missing an arm. Once they are down there, one by one they get kidnapped by the inhabitants of the temple who actually just take them to the outside of the temple, which resembles a Mayan type building. The leader comes out and asks them what they want and Hurley tells them that they need to save his friend, leader doesn’t believe him and tells his translator to shoot them. Hurley then blurts out that Jacob sent them and the leader asks him to prove it. Hurley mentions that Jacob gave him the guitar case and the leader opens it to find a wooden Ahnka symbol, which he proceeds to smash in half to reveal a note. He then asks all of the Losties their names and once they mention Sayid’s name he immediately has them bring his body inside the temple.

Once inside the temple the inhabitants are confused by the fact that the pool inside the temple no longer has clear water, it’s now redish. It appeared to possess some sort of healing power that no longer works, as demonstrated by the leader when he cut his hand and put it in the water only to find that the wound didn’t heal. So obviously this spring isn’t going to save Sayid, but it does end up doing what I think the original intention of Jacob was.

The inhabitants take Sayid’s body into the pool and hold him face down in the water while the leader turns an hour glass. Sayid starts to flail around as he’s drowning and eventually dies. They pull him out of the water with his arms outstretched in a cross position and lay him down next to the pool. Jack gets angry that they just killed him and starts to perform CPR to try to revive him until Kate tells him to stop, he’s dead. The translator then asks Hurley when Jacob is coming and Hurley informs him that Jacob is dead. It’s at this point that the temple inhabitants start to panic and pour black dust or gunpowder type material around the temple and barricade the windows and launch fireworks into the air. It’s pretty obvious that Jacob is the balance to The Man in Black and with Jacob dead The Man in Black has free reign to do whatever he wants and for some reason the temple people think that he or the smoke monster will come after them. The black powder they pour is actually the same stuff that was poured around Jacob’s cabin in the past.

Back on the beach the people can see the fireworks that the temple is firing off so we now know that everyone is back at the same present time. Locke comes out of the foot statue and confronts Richard, punches him and walks off with him, while back at the temple Sayid sits up…

So here’s my theory about the ending of the episode. Obviously The Man in Black has somehow taken Locke’s form without needing his actual body. I don’t know if it has something to do with the fact that he’s also the smoke monster, which really has no form, or what, but that would be my guess. So Locke as we knew him is really 100% dead and The Man in Black has now taken his form, which would also lead me to believe that the only form The Man in Black can take are of bodies of already dead people that were brought to the island, which would have made his previous form possibly Jack’s father who appeared to Locke when he was turning the big wheel under the island. It was all a play to be able to take Locke’s form for some reason.

Now in the case of Jacob, he can only take the form of people that have actually died on the island. So maybe in the past he was the Boone that I think I remember people seeing after he died, and possibly others. But now since Sayid was dying and for some reason Juliet wasn’t suitable, Jacob needed the temple inhabitants to kill Sayid so that he could come back in Sayid’s body. So that’s my theory and I think it’s a pretty sound one, now comes my ridiculous theory.

When the H-bomb went off it actually worked, the plane never crashed and everyone lives out their lives as they would have, but the people on the island are actually dead already and have been since the plane crashed back at the beginning of season 1. I know the creators and the producers were adamant in telling us that they weren’t dead, but I don’t know that I believe them now. And now, back on the island (of the dead) they are caught in a battle between heaven and hell or good and evil, Jacob being good (or even God) and The Man in Black being evil (Satan). So I don’t know, that’s just my far fetched theory as of right now, but last night’s episode impressed me and got me excited for the remainder of the final season.

So now that I’m done talking my ass off, what did you guys think of the premiere? Do you have any theories? Did I miss anything? Let us know…

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  • CavScout

    It’s a pretty good rundown … only thing, Claire isn’t Boone’s sister … Claire (I think) was going to LA to give up her baby for adoption? Boone’s sister was Shannon (played by Maggie Grace) … 🙂

  • AC Slater

    Ahhh, good call… no wonder I was so confused, I completely forgot about Shannon since we haven’t seen her in a long time and she didn’t make any sort of appearance last night. I’ll revise the above.

  • MK3K

    Boone is not Claire’s brother! Jack is Claire’s half-brother. Shannon was Boone’s sister!!

  • AC Slater

    MK3K: CavScout mentioned it above, I already corrected it, my bad.

  • Tom

    Just wanted to point out that Claire is not Boone’s sister but Jack’s. Shannon, Boone’s sister, was nowhere to be seen.

  • Wilson

    I like your alternate timeline explanation. I did notice that the 1977 scene repeated after the beginning and I agree that it is a good set-up for 2 different timelines going on. But let me clear up a few things for you.

    “There were a few things with the alternate dimension theory that I didn’t get though. So if the H-bomb worked and the plane never crashes, how is Desmond on the plane? ” —-You can’t think of it from a point of view of just the plane, or the crash or anything like that. Island and the rest of the world history has changed starting in 1977. Desmond gets the boat from Libby and enters the race. He never shipwrecks on the island but rather completes the race. He could have lived in Australia for a few years and flew back? Or how bout this? He never entered the race? Maybe since events changed so much from 1977 on he took another path in life?

    “Also, wasn’t Claire on the original flight? I know we saw Claire in a cab at the end of the episode when Kate is trying to escape the Marshall, but when Boone was talking to Locke he mentioned that he went to Australia to get his sister out of a bad relationship, but it sounded like he was unsuccessful”— Claire is not Boone’s sister. She is Jack’s half sister. You are thinking of Shannon. He rescued her from an abusive relationship in Australia, and they actually had sex and then boarded 815.

    “And the last thing I found weird was the guy sitting between Locke and Boone, asleep (he also appears in line for the cabs) was one of the guys from the Dharma Initiative, if I remember correctly… if not the Dharma, it was something, but he was definitely already on the island and we’ve seen him before. ” This is Neil “Frogurt”. He was an orginal survivor of 815 and had bit parts throughout the series. The last we saw him before the alt. 815 plane ride, is in the 1950’s when he gets shot in the chest with a flaming arrow.

  • AC Slater

    Tom: Thanks, that’s where I got confused… I remembered Claire was someone’s sister, and with the total lack of Shannon last night (and in recent episodes) I completely forgot she existed…

  • AC Slater

    Wilson: Great comment, thanks. The Desmond thing is kind of what I was getting at, the fact that if it’s an alternate reality/dimension, whatever, it would make things completely different for everyone so therefore Desmond could be on the plane, so I totally agree there. And yeah, I mixed up Shannon and Claire (corrected now based on the other people telling me as well). And thanks for the clarification on who Neil Frogurt is, I just knew he was on the island at some point, but wasn’t sure if he was on the Oceanic flight or if he was with the Dharma initiative or what. The show has so much going on it’s hard to keep up, especially when I haven’t gone back and re-watched any episodes since the beginning.

  • 1. Jacob makes a very obvious statement to Ben before he gets killed “remember you have a choice”.

    2. Yes, I think the H-Bomb worked and Jack on the plane is “out of sorts” meaning he’s aware something isn’t quite right with his “reality”. Which leads me to 3.

    3. I think there are two “realities” happening because as Jacob said they have a choice. Even “The Man in Black” eludes to this but he won’t say it out right when he’s talking about the fact that John was the only one who didn’t want to leave the island.

    The setup for this espisdoe is the clip of the conversation between Jacob and The Man in Black.. The Man in Black – “The come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt. it always ends the same.” Jacob: “But it only ends once. Anything happens before that is just progress.”

    I’m also going to go out on a limb and say if this follow some form of Christianity then there’s a Trinity involved which is why Richard never ages/dies. He’s the inbetween of Jacob (before death) and The Man in Black (after death)

  • Ella

    Just a point. Shannon was not on the plane with Boon meaning that if your theory is correct, Shannon’s life was altered after the H-bomb went off so that she chose not to leave Australia. I also have a question: how was the stewardess that slipped Jack the “stronger” alcohol accepted into the society of the people at the temple considering they were so hostile towards Jack and the gang? It could be insignificant but it struck me weird.

  • Kelly

    Anyone else notice that Jack has his cut from when the bullet hit him in Season 5 from the darma people? Im not sure if that means anything.

  • i was just wondering if it was possible to watch the lost episodes on the abc site if were arent in the states..because im from korea and it wont let me! and the other sites are sketchy??they make you download some zango thing first.

  • Gandhy

    If Man in Black can only take the form of people who were dead and brought to the island, then he would not have been able to take the form of Alex.

  • Have you thought about the possibility that perhaps the plane (2004 when they crashed) and the current reality (2007, b/c of the 3 years it took them to get back on the island) happens together, all along the same “path”

    If you think about it, they talk about the choices that are made all still lead to the same reality. Which makes sense if, the plane never crashes, but because of what happens between 2004 and 2007 those same people still make it back to the island since they all get on the 2007 plane which still crashes.

    Just throwing that out there, because I never inferred the double reality thing on my own, leading me to that thought process.

  • Kate

    ok maybe i went a little crazy with it..and maybe it doesn’t read really well.. but i think its could totally happen 🙂

    Everything that’s going on in w/ the plane and them still being on the island is I think that its kinda a flash forward/back, like they flash back in that point in time and that’s the reason no one really rememebers anyone b/c their bodies and that time frame never met on the island, but the reason they’re back on the plane is b/c there was a show down between sayid who’d taken Jacobs place(after they put sayid’s body in the healing path…it put jacob’s spirit back into sayid to live, that’s why after lock died Jacob came to everyone telling them they had to come back, to give himself the note he wrote and put inside the guitar case to give to hurly to take to the templeits to save sayid in the healing tub, (Jacob being the person who over see’s the black smoke, the black smoke was put there as punishment and all bad ppl were going to come live with him, they put Jacob there so that he could look over the black smoke and make sure he didn’t leave, the black smoke couldn’t hurt Jacob maybe a spell or something, he couldn’t touch Jacob to kill him, but he could make someone else kill him) all the people on the island are put back into their original time paths of when they were stuck there, roussou has her baby on the boat and they hit shore, fairaday and charlotte fall in love off the island, Charlie is back alive, nothing changed on his course of fate, he was only alive b/c it was before his body died, he still is going to die later, b/c like desmond said, its whats supposed to happen, so its more or less fate, everyone’s on the track they were one b4 they hit the island…the reason jack remembers desmond is b/c before everything still happened to him (he and jack running on the track together still happened for jack, but not for desmond, desmond was on the track that night b/c he was doing excercises to go on the boat b/c penny’s daddy was “whitmore” who had never been to the island either, so he never tried to sail back, thus never tricking desmond in to getting stuck there on his boat race, so desmond was either not w/ penny or already married to her.) the reason it’s a flash forward is b/c everyone’s body is the same as they look on the island currently (most everyone) they’re body has already taken the toll of time…Claire ends up keeping the baby b/c on the island she kept him, when she goes back to her 1st reality she realizes she already loves the baby “aaron!!”(when she thinks something is wrong w/ her baby) even tho she doesn’t yet know it and is still kinda weary of having him just yet. Jack has the scrape on his neck b/c it was like everyone was just “dropped back into the plane” ie: hair’s different. ,..jack can’t find his dad on the plane b/c I don’t think his dad died in his 2nd time with the first reality…although then I’m not sure why he’d have been in Australia or,,..Why he THINKS that his dad is on the plane….the black smoke was in christians body, that’s how he fooled Claire, , ben was going to “Jacob” for answers on what to do…the cabin mix up, ben just took locke to horace’s old cabin b/c he’d never really met Jacob,…it was never Jacobs…it was just a house that ben showed to john claiming to be jacob’s, , hurley saw it, mentioned it, john thought that’s where Jacob lived, the black smoke knew this, so he got Christians body cause he knew it’d have the most influence.

  • Kate

    its not so clear: sequence of events “the island;the present” is while they are on the island, right after the h bomb blew it up, some sequence in events happens between the MIB and jacob in the near future episodes which corrected everything w/ the plane crashing before.

    so, the other reality “the plane;2004” actually happned after the seqence of events above, what ever happens on the island in “the island/the present” reality drops the characters back into the plane where the crash never happens.

    its soo confusing, its hard to type out confusing i think its gonna be lol