LOST: Season 6 – Lighthouse (2/23/10)

Time for another week of confusion with a small side of answers. Hopefully the story will start to move forward a little more this week, not to say I haven’t enjoyed everything so far, especially last week, but I’m going to be a little annoyed if they just drag all of this out and then start answering questions in the last 2-3 episodes. Don’t forget to hit us up on Twitter (@acslaterx) and tell us your theories. Check after the jump for a rundown of the more interesting highlights from this weeks episode.


Hurley tries to persuade Jack to accompany him on an unspecified mission while Sawyer runs into an old friend.

There was a lot going on in this episode and I don’t even know where to start really. I don’t want to go back and do a straight up recap of the entire episode because I just did that with a co-worker and when I was done it seemed like the main storyline didn’t advance much so let’s just take a look at some of the strange things that happened this week.

Right off the bat, in the alternate reality, Jack notices his appendectomy scar [apparently for the first time] and can’t remember having the surgery. A few minutes later, while on the phone, he asks his mother when he had it removed. She tells him that it was done when he was a kid [8 years old I believe]. It’s little things like this that make me question the “alternate reality” theory. Things that happened on the island are happening to Jack in the “AR”, but he can’t seem to remember them happening in the “AR”, like the cut he noticed on the plane and looked confused. So things that happened on the island are somehow coming through to the “AR”… I don’t really know how or why it’s happening or what the significance is, but it’s leading me  to believe that what we’re seeing aren’t 2 completely different realities that were split when the bomb went off back in the ’70s.

Still in the “AR” Jack apparently has a son who seems to be around 13-15 years old (I’m not sure if they mentioned his age anywhere), named David. He has Jack’s finesse with his hands which is obvious in his piano playing and he also has bright blue eyes… which are the only 2 things that really stood out about him for me. We never get to see who the mother is, she’s conveniently on vacation, but if I had to guess I would have to say it’s Juliet, and that’s based solely on the fact that it can’t be Kate and Juliet has extremely blue eyes. I say it can’t be Kate because Jack and Kate bumped into each other on the plane, she stole his pen, and there would have been something there if that really was the mother of his son. Another interesting thing is that we see Dogan (Dogen) at the piano tryouts, he’s the “leader” of the temple on the island. And as far as easter eggs go the only thing I noticed in the “AR” is that the poster for the piano tryouts said “Welcome all Candidates” or something along those lines, but it definitely used the word “Candidates” which is what Jacob has been calling the people on his list.

Back at the island Hurley can see dead people and still talks to Jacob, and listens to him no matter what he says. Shannon is mentioned again when Jack and Hurley walk past the caves that they used to live in. Hurley starts talking about time traveling back to the dinosaur times and dying and maybe the 2 bodies they found were theres… I’m thinking not. People are saying that maybe the bodies are Rose and Bernard and when the bomb went off in 1977 only the people that were near the explosion ended up time traveling back to the present day, which would have left Rose and Bernard out in the jungle. Not so sure about that one since even when people were spread around the island during the time traveling flashes, everyone ended up moving between time, not just certain people. I guess the bomb could be different, but I don’t think so.

So eventually Jack and Hurley end up at this lighthouse that Jacob wants them to go to and we see the names and numbers again like we did in the cave with Sawyer and Fake Locke. Jack turns the light to his name/number and sees his childhood home in the mirror, gets pissed at why Jacob has been watching him since he was a kid and smashes the mirror. This is apparently what Jacob wanted all along, but couldn’t tell Hurley. So lets talk about these numbers/names a bit. We know the numbers appear all over the island and are intertwined with almost everyone’s lives some way or another, but I think people are going to be disappointed when there is no underlying meaning to the actual numbers themselves other than Jacob has a thing for numbers and wove them into everyone’s lives. I don’t think that the numbers will “mean” anything other than a way to keep people organized in a list. And the name associated with the number 108, which was the number that Hurley was supposed to turn the wheel to before Jack interrupted and turned it to himself, is Wallace… and I have no clue who that is, but it was already crossed out so I don’t think there was ever a reason to turn the dial to 108 and the whole point was, as I said above, to get Jack to see what Jacob wanted him to see.

So Jack turns the wheel to himself and sees his childhood home, but before Jack interrupted there were other reflections in the mirrors. The one I noticed in particular looked like some sort of Asian style home which leads me to believe that it was either Jin or Sun’s home and it appeared as the dial crossed their number. So maybe the mirrors are a window into each “Candidate’s” past somehow…

The only other interesting thing that I can recall is Claire. She’s clearly “different”, whether that’s infected or not I have no idea, but something’s not right. She seems a lot like Rousseau, living in the jungle, paranoid and a little crazy. She’s been living in the jungle for 3 years since she escaped from the temple people after that seemed to do the same test to her that they did to Sayid, with the branding. But she hasn’t been living alone, apparently her father (Jack’s dad as well) and her “friend” have been helping her out. And in the end we find out her “friend” is Locke, only she apparently doesn’t see it in the form of Locke. So I’m not really sure what’s going on there, but I’m sure we’ll find out.

So there you have it, I tried not to do a full recap of the episode and only touch on things that were confusing or interesting to me, but it may have come off as a recap anyways. So what did you guys think of last night’s episode? Have you changed your mind about the Jacob / Man in Black relationship? What do you think is going on with the “alternate reality”? What’s wrong with Claire?