LOST: Season 6 – Happily Ever After (4/6/10)

Here’s the very brief synopsis of this weeks LOST episode. Sounds as if it may be a Desmond episode so hopefully we’ll get some information on what’s been going on with him before coming back to the island. There were also some fairly significant spoilers in the cast listing for tonight’s episode which I’ve chosen to leave off. I’ll be back tomorrow with easter eggs, theories and a recap of the episode.

Happily Ever After

Desmond awakens and discovers that he’s on the island.

As expected, this was a Desmond episode and again, we see more of the Alternate Reality than we do of what’s actually happening on the island. So, after watching the episode and glancing over the forums I really don’t know what to make of this week… From what I’ve gathered, the AR and the island reality are starting to “come together” or at least in the AR people are starting to realize that there may be another dimension or reality. This is evident in the scene when Charlie pulls the wheel of the car and sends him and Desmond into the water, thus recreating the scene from before when Charlie drowns and of course giving Desmond a glimpse into the island world when Charlie puts his hand on the glass to reveal the same message Charlie wrote before, “Not Pennys Boat”. There’s also the fact that Daniel Faraday/Widmore (as he’s known in the AR) was able to write out a complicated mathematical/physics formula related to an atom bomb or a large amount of energy and in the AR he’s a musician and has nothing to do with physics, but he’s smart enough to realize that it has to mean something.

There are a bunch of other things in the AR that are almost the opposite of what we saw from before in flashbacks from the island reality, but I don’t think those differences were as important as the fact that Desmond has this incredible ability. It’s almost as if the electromagnetic energy that he was subject to in Widmore’s box experiment was able to transpose his consciousness into the AR or at least allow him to see through the eyes of the AR Desmond (if it was a complete shift in consciousness he would have remembered Penny and everything from the island completely, but he didn’t). It seems like Desmond is the key to figuring out how the two realities affect one another or how they come together. It’s very similar to the ability to see the future that he gained when subjected to the electromagnetic energy released when the button in the hatch wasn’t pressed (which is obviously why Widmore knew he could withstand his box test).

So I’m still not quite sure what to make of the two different realities and how (or if) they will come together in the end, but I’m confident now that Desmond is a key part of figuring out the mysteries of the 2. Now I don’t necessarily think that Desmond has a huge role in the game that Jacob and The Man in Black are playing on the island, but I could be wrong. I did find it a little weird that after Widmore subjects Desmond to the experiment, Desmond is acting completely different. Sure you could just argue that he saw the AR and is now more enlightened and willing to go along with Widmore to get more answers and see Penny again, but it also seemed like he was very Jacob-like in his calmness. I’m not saying that the experiment turned Desmond into Jacob, but there are some weird things happening with Desmond that parallel Jacob. Even in the AR Desmond was telling Charlie all about choice just like Jacob… so who knows.

I can’t recall anything else sticking out to me in a way that brought me to another theory, but I would like to know what you guys thought. Do you think the two realities are going to merge somehow or do you feel like I kind of do that they are still completely separate, but some things will cross over either in the form of Deja Vu or weird “visions” and dreams, as we saw this week. I think Desmond is the only one that can “see” into the other reality due to the fact that he can withstand the electromagnetism.

One thing I did find kind of cool, as sort of an easter egg that I read on the forums, was that the sound that the smoke monster makes is the same sound as the MRI machine that Desmond was put in. This also goes back to the first season when Rose mentions that she’s heard that noise before (when she hears the smoke monster) which would make sense since she has cancer and would probably have been subjected to many MRI’s at that point.

So I know I didn’t pick up on as much stuff this week and don’t have a solid theory yet, but that’s pretty much what I came away with this week. So what did I miss and what do you guys think?