LOST: Season 6 – Everybody Loves Hugo (4/13/10)

Looks like the week’s episode of LOST is a Hurley centered episode, which could be pretty good. To me he has been one of the most intriguing characters this season so hopefully we’ll get a better look into what’s going on with him.

Everybody Loves Hugo

Hurley agonizes over what to do next, and the Locke monster is curious about the new arrival at his camp. Meanwhile, Ilana leads a mission to Hydra island.

Pretty good, yet fairly predictable episode of LOST this week. When I say predictable I’m really only talking about two scenes in particular. When Ilana gets blown up and when Desmond gets pushed down the well were some of the most predictable moments of the entire series so far… I was hoping they would throw us for a loop and not do the expected, but oh well. Aside from those moments of the episode, there were 2 big things that I’ve theorize, which you can read about after the jump. And yes, there are spoilers.

The first being that Desmond is a huge part of everything that is going on, which almost leads me to believe that he is the new Jacob of the island. There are a couple things that lead me to this conclusion, the first we saw last week in the fact that he can withstand electromagnetism. I’m not sure if Jacob himself could, when he was alive, but it only seems logical seeing as how the Man in Black was made up of electromagnetism and Jacob and him seem to be opposites (light/dark, good/evil, etc). The second thing is that he’s not afraid of Fake Locke at all when they are talking around the well. I’ve read that some people think that it’s because Desmond has seen the Alternate Reality and knows that he and Penny will be together there so whatever happens to him on the island doesn’t really matter (as far as he/we know at this point). But maybe that’s how Jacob became Jacob in the first place (he saw the AR somehow)… maybe it’s like The Matrix and this whole thing has played out many times before… probably not though, seems a little far fetched even for me, but it’s an idea. The last thing that makes me think that Desmond may be the new Jacob is that in the Alternate Reality he seems to have figured things out. He’s figured out how to bring back the memories from the Island Reality by bringing people together or near death experiences.

This has me a little confused, but I’ve got an idea (which might not make sense). People that have died on the island in the island reality seem to remember the island while they are in the AR, if they have a near death experience. And people that didn’t die in the island reality can only remember that reality (while in the AR) if they meet and have a connection with someone they had a connection with on the island. Now while the near death thing makes sense with Charlie, I’m not sure if it makes sense with Faraday. He died on the island, but (if I’m remembering correctly, and I could be wrong here so correct me) in the AR he said he didn’t have the memory of the physics stuff until after he saw Charlotte. And as for the “connection” aspect, I’m basing that on Libby and Hurley. They had a connection on the island and since Libby died on the island she’s now having memories in the AR of that time (although I don’t know if she’s had a near death experience to trigger them) but it took the kiss in the AR for Hurley to begin to remember stuff from the Island.

And that leads me back to the last Desmond thing and my idea that he’s starting to figure things out in the AR. The scene when Desmond runs down Locke in the school parking lot… I think Desmond knows that he has to bring people together, how he knows that I’m not sure (maybe based on the memories he saw when he met Penny in the stadium), but he somehow knows that he has to bring Locke and Jack together in order for them to remember. Either that or he wants Locke to have a near death experience in order to remember the island. If it’s the Jack thing, I think Locke will be taken to the hospital and Jack will be his doctor, somehow fixing his back and thus bringing back all the island memories for them. I know it’s a little far fetched and I probably sound like I’m rambling now, but LOST is a little far fetched and rambly… so who knows.

Other than that stuff the only other thing that really confused me was the playing of the Willy Wonka tunnel song during the preview for next week’s episode… So what did you guys make of all this Hurley and Desmond stuff this week? Did you catch that the shot after Locke was hit by Desmond in the car was almost identical to the shot of Locke waking up after the original plane crash in the first episode? That was kind of cool… Oh and the bag that Hurley picked up and looked inside after Ilana was blown to smithereens was Jacob’s ashes that she picked up back at the foot statue on the beach… or at least I believe that’s what was in the pouch.