LOST: Season 6 – Dr. Linus (3/9/10)

And I’m back! Here’s the very very short synopsis for tonight’s episode of LOST which looks to be centered around Ben. I’ll be back tomorrow to discuss easter eggs, theories and more…

Dr. Linus

Ben must deal with the consequences of a lie.

Alright, this will probably be a pretty short evaluation of last night’s episode as I can’t really think of too many interesting things to write about… Sure the episode was decent and we got some incite into some things, but I don’t feel that a whole lot moved forward. The main thing I got out of the episode is that Jack is starting to realize that he is on the island for a reason and he now wants to figure out what that reason is, just as Jacob had hoped. Along with that, people that Jacob have touched somehow are not able to kill themselves and possibly develop special abilities. Richard was touched by Jacob and does not age, so maybe Miles was touched by Jacob which gave him the ability to speak to the dead (or listen rather) and maybe when Hurley was touched it gave him the ability to see dead people…. I don’t know though. The idea of those that were touched [or something] by Jacob not being able to kill themselves could just be until they have fulfilled their purpose as well. Take Michael for example, in the past he tried to kill himself by shooting himself in his New York apartment, but the gun jams. Later on though, after the people that are supposed to get off the freighter, do, he ends up dying from the C4 explosion. Now I’m not sure if he’s the one that caused it to go off or if he just happened to be down there when it did go off, but if he caused it then it would make sense that you could die after your purpose was fulfilled, but if he didn’t cause it to explode, then it would still follow the idea that they can’t kill themselves.

The other thing that was interesting in the episode was the fact that Ben and his Father were on the island and part of the Dharma Initiative in the alternate reality. We obviously know that something has happened to the island in the AR which causes it to be underwater, whether it sank (how an island sinks I don’t know, considering islands are usually underwater mountains) or the water level rose, flooding it… but whether or not the H-bomb that the Losties blew up in 1977 caused all of that, I’m not so sure anymore. It seems that the AR may be completely different all the way back, I’m not sure how that works but hear me out. Ben was shot prior to the H-bomb going off and was brought to the Others to be healed, so he was separated from his father, so how could they have gotten off the island before the bomb went off [if that is what caused the island to be covered in water]? I guess if the bomb isn’t the reason the island “sank” then Ben’s father could have gotten him back somehow and gotten him off the island after the explosion, but it seems a little odd. So the whole fact that the island existed in the AR and that Ben and his father were on it, yet managed to get off at some point is a little confusing to me, but I’m sure things will be cleared up as we move through the season.

As far as easter eggs go not a whole lot of hard-to-spot things, just a lot of obvious deja-vu type moments. Alex is obviously still a part of Ben’s life in the AR, Ben’s father is alive and Ben has to supply him with oxygen which is a bit different than the mustard gas he used to kill him before. One of the books found in the tent on the beach on the island, not the Booty magazine, is called The Chosen which seems to have a plot based on religion, mathematics and a reunion between father and son… and of course the most obvious thing, not even an easter egg but I don’t know where else to mention it, Widmore is coming back to the island in a fancy new submarine. Is he the guy that Jacob said was coming to the island? Is he good or bad? Is he bringing Desmond back with him? Who knows… so what did you guys think of the episode last night?