LOST: Season 6 – Across the Sea (5/11/10)

TVguide is really skimping on the plot synopsis’ the last couple weeks. I understand we’re getting close to the end, but come on guys give me something to work with. On that note, below you’ll find the 4 word synopsis for tonight’s episode of LOST. I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap, easter eggs and theories.

Across the Sea

Locke’s motives become clear.

I was reading through Twitter last night after the episode aired and was surprised to see a lot of people didn’t like it… I personally thought it was pretty good, aside from maybe the children actors and the mini-flashbacks towards the end of the season, but the rest of it was pretty good. We got quite a few questions answered regarding Jacob and The Man in Black, so lets get into those. This first part is going to be a recap with a few little theories thrown in and after that I will post my other theories. Sorry this one is probably going to be pretty long and long winded (and probably won’t make any sense to anyone outside of my head, I had a hard time explaining what I was thinking towards the end).

I’ve done a little reading on the forums and I agree with some things, but I have my own theories about a lot of others so I know there are going to be people that disagree with me here so post up what you think in the comments. First of all we learn right away where Jacob and The Man in Black come from. Their mother’s ship crashed on the island while she was pregnant, she was found by a crazy lady and brought to the caves (the same caves the Losties live in in season 1), the woman gives birth to a son and she immediately names him Jacob, but when the second baby comes she doesn’t have a name for him and I couldn’t exactly make out what she said. Either way, he was never referred to by any name throughout the entire episode, so I guess he’s still the Man in Black. So while this kind of answers where Jacob and his brother, MIB, came from it also raises the questions of where did their mother come from and who were the people hunting boars in the woods? The people hunting the boars looked more like natives as opposed to the people from the boat that MIB went and lived with for 30 years, but I guess it could be the same group.

We also find out that the white and black stones seem to just be an inside joke between Jacob and his brother. The original stones that Jack ends up finding in the cave in season 1, were from the game that Jacob and MIB used to play as kids. They were left in the cave by MIB after he killed the crazy lady that raised Jacob. Which leads me into the crazy lady and MIB’s relationship. So MIB leaves home at an early age because he ha begun to see his dead ‘real’ mother on the island and she tells him what the crazy lady did. This makes him want to leave the island because he’s not from there and doesn’t belong. It also shows that growing up without influence from other humans can lead you to be inherently good, as we see in Jacob, and growing up with human influence can corrupt you as we begin to see with MIB and his desire to leave the island no matter what the consequences.

Ok, let me backtrack for a second. When Jacob and MIB were kids, the crazy lady blindfolded them and took them to a place on the island where an incredible light shone up from the ground. She informed them that she was on the island to protect this light from outsiders and that one day one of them would have to do the same. So after MIB leaves Jacob and the crazy lady, he lives with the people from the boat for the next 30 years as they explore the island looking for these electromagnetic pockets where metal acts strangely. When they find one of these pockets they dig a well looking for the source, but it took 30 years before they find something, the light from the center of the island, which is what MIB had been looking for the whole time. MIB was never able to find the place that the crazy lady took them as kids despite the fact that he wandered the island for years, so after finding the light a different way he thought he had figured out a way to leave the island using the light and water along with a large wheel to focus the energy. Yep, this is the same wheel that was turned to move the island in a previous season.

Jacob sneaks out randomly to go visit his brother and play games with him outside of his camp and MIB tells him that he’s found a way off the island, and of course since Jacob can’t tell a lie, he runs back and tells his mother this and she sets out to confront MIB. She waits until the rest of the camp heads out to somewhere and confronts MIB at the bottom of the well/hole they have dug to get to the light. He explains how he’s going to use the light, water and wheel to get off the island and she slams his head against the wall, knocking him out. Supposedly she can’t let him leave the island, but I’m not so sure that’s the case. I think she’s just trying to protect him from going into the light because she knows he’ll become the smoke monster… but how would she know this? Because she is a smoke monster.

She has to be, there’s no other explanation for how she could have killed and burned the entire village herself, let alone fill in the well that MIB was working in. It also explains why she says “Thank you” to MIB when he stabs her in the back with his dagger once he comes to. This is the same dagger that was given to Sayid to stab “Locke” with, but MIB stabbed the crazy lady in the back, not allowing her to speak, thus being able to kill her. This is exactly what Dogen(sp?) told Sayid when he gave him the dagger, “Don’t let him speak”, but since “Locke” spoke before Sayid was able to stab him, he couldn’t kill him. It’s almost as if Smokey must be stabbed in the back in order to kill it.

So of course after Jacob comes back and finds the small bag with the white and black rocks in it, he knows that it was MIB that killed the crazy lady, so he beats the crap out of him, again. He then drags him to the light source that the crazy lady had shown both of them when they were kids, but MIB has no idea that Jacob has been dubbed the protector of the light by the lady and has no clue that he drank from the wine bottle that apparently gives eternal life. Richard also drank from this bottle in the Richard episode, therefore giving him eternal life. The crazy lady also told Jacob that something worse than death would happen if he went into the light and she would know because she did… since she’s a smoke monster. But knowing that, Jacob pushes MIB down the water and into the light and he emerges as a smoke monster.

Jacob then finds MIB’s dead body elsewhere on the island and brings it back to the cave. He lays his “mother” and brother beside each other in the cave and thus we have our “Adam and Eve” from season 1 when the Losties find the cave.


So I have some theories regarding everything that happened this week, hopefully I don’t go back and do another recap, but this is going to be more of random thoughts without any sort of structure, so hopefully it makes sense.

I think that what’s happening on the island has happened many times over, kind of like the movie The Matrix, only this time it will end differently. I think that the lady that killed Jacob and MIB’s real mother, the crazy lady as I referred to her above, was born as a set of twins on the island and over the years they grew up thinking that one of them would take over for the previous protector of the light.  They would bring people to the island in hopes that one of them would be pregnant, thus bringing about life that only knew the island and wans’t influenced by outside sources. Something then happened, not sure what, that caused her to enter the light and become the smoke monster. This is how she was able to destroy the whole village of people that MIB ends up living with and how she could fill in the well where they found the light. It also explains why she said thank you to MIB for stabbing her in the back, thus releasing her from the island and killing the evil.

I believe that her and her twins game played out very similar to Jacob and MIB only she was the one that was corrupted by the human influence where her twin was the one trying to prove that people can be good and ended up getting killed (or maybe not). Either way, she turned into the smoke monster and then had to find a suitable “Candidate” to take over her position on the island. She was never necessarily evil, more like the other side of the coin, which is why I don’t think MIB is necessarily evil, he’s just trying to do what he’s always wanted to do, leave the island.

I think this time the story is playing out differently because of the fact that MIB is so desperate to leave the island because of the influence the outsiders have bestowed on him. He smashed the bottle of wine, possibly eliminating the source of immortality, leaving Richard as the only person that is now immortal (as far as aging goes) on the island. That’s not to say that he can’t be killed, but I don’t think that Smokey can kill Richard, only human influence can.

I also thought that Aaron had something to do with all this, possibly an end to the cycle since he was born on the island and he wasn’t a twin, thus he would either be good or evil, there wouldn’t be another side to the coin. But Aaron is off the island now and I don’t know how he’d get back. And I’m not really sure what Desmond has to do with all of this now….

Ok, now I’m not making any sense to even myself so I’m going to leave it at that, hopefully it makes some sense and you kind of get what I’m trying to say, but if not, oh well. Hopefully we’ll get some more closure in the next 2 weeks… since that’s it.