LOST : Because You Left/The Lie (1/21/09)

LOST returns tonight so I figured I would start posting about the show and the current episodes. I’ll post the plot synopsis for the night, every week, and then the following day I’ll post easter eggs and hidden clues/meanings that I find. Hopefully people will join in the discussion.

LOST: Because You Left/The Lie (1/21/09)

Season 5 opener: Jack and Ben try to reunite the Oceanic 6 for the return to the island (carrying Locke’s body with them) to save the remaining survivors, while those survivors feel the effects of the island’s move. Later, they come under attack by unknown forces. Meanwhile, Hurley and Sayid are on the run from police; and Kate gets some shocking advice from an old friend to ensure that “the lie” remains safe.

Update: My impressions of the episodes after the jump (Possible Spoilers).

So what did everyone think of the 2 hour premiere last night? I enjoyed it although it seems like this season is going to be even more confusing than the previous ones. We are now following 2 groups of people, those that got off the island and are trying to get back and those that are still on the island. And not only are we dealing with 2 different groups of people, we now have to worry about time travel mixed in with flashbacks, ugh. There were some points of last night’s episode where I had no clue if we were in the past, present or future, with either group. Flashbacks within flashbacks within time traveling, it’s becoming a little overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the show and enjoyed the episodes last night, I just hope they start answering questions instead of creating more confusion.

Is anyone else having a problem with Hurley? He seems pretty stupid to me. Why is he so upset about having to lie to everyone about the people still on the island? It’s obvious that if Wittmore(sp?) finds the island he’s going to kill the remaining survivors, which is explained to Hurley, yet he still doesn’t want to lie… he wants to tell someone so they can go rescue them. That’s great and all, but Wittmore was able to stage a plane crash, he obviously has some connections in the world and could easily find the island before anyone else. But I guess when you heart shitzu’s you can’t tell a lie. And is he really crazy? Why is he seeing dead people off the island…? And I hope his getting arrested doesn’t turn the show into “Prison Break”… ugh.

And who do you think is coming after Aaron? I found it funny when they were in the elevator going to see Sun and Aaron was asking if he could press the button…. a little island flashback easter egg there. And speaking of the button, how is Faraday back at the point where they are building Orchid station? And then how is he able to speak to Desmond when he told Sawyer he couldn’t? And who were the people in the army uniforms? It seems like they are in the past at that point, probably the 1940s or 50s, before dharma came, so maybe they are the original inhabitants? The others maybe?

And my biggest question, how does Locke die and return to the real world, off the island?

So as you can see this season started off with a lot more questions than answers. And considering the fact that next season is the final season, they better start soon…. So what did you think of the episode? Leave a comment below. Maybe you can answer some of the questions I was confused about…