Legit: Season 1 Blu-Ray Review

legit season 1 blu-ray review

I feel like the name Jim Jefferies sounds familiar to me, but I’m not sure how. It could have just been some random videos on YouTube or maybe a promo for something on Comedy Central, but however I know the name “Legit” is not what I was expecting. As I said, Jim Jefferies isn’t a household name here in the United States, but he seems pretty popular in his native land of Australia. Apparently, which I didn’t know, he was attacked on stage at one of his comedy shows by a fan and actually incorporated the video of the incident into his future shows. So only knowing that he was attacked on stage based on something he must have said during a show, you can kind of imagine how his new show “Legit” plays out.

In “Legit” Jefferies plays a character named, well, Jim Jefferies, who’s mother is harping on him about finding a nice girl to settle down and marry. Jim isn’t really having any of it and turns to his friend Steve for support. Steve suggests keeping himself busy by helping out with Steve’s disabled little brother Billy, played by DJ Qualls. Billy is confined to a motorized wheelchair and spends his days at a hospital where they take care of him. Upon arriving at the hospital, Jefferies immediately feels bad for Billy as he finds out that Billy is still a virgin. Jefferies takes it upon himself to “help” Billy get laid… and thus the tone of “Legit” is born.

In order to get Billy laid, Jefferies decides that taking him to a brothel is the best option. When they arrive at the brothel things get a little weird as Jefferies interviews all of the prostitutes to determine which one of them is willing to have sex with a handicapped person. It’s awkward interactions like this one that made me immediately fall in love with this show. It’s definitely not for everyone, but I think it fits very well on FXX next to “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “The League”. Jefferies style of humor and flat-out bluntness is balanced out by Steve and Billy as the series continues. If you’re looking for something crude, and juvenile, but with a bit of heart, I highly recommend checking out “Legit”. Not everyone is going to be on board with this type of humor, but as I said, if you’re a fan of what FXX is doing, then this show should appeal to you.

As far as the season 1 blu-ray set goes, the video quality is pretty good. It’s a lower budget comedy series on FXX, it’s not going to have the highest production value, but that doesn’t mean it looks bad. The fact that most of the scenes are shot indoors, in terrible lighting conditions, lead to a slightly grainy look, but nothing that is too distracting. The audio on the blu-ray set sounds great. Presented in 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, everything sounds as good as it can. Comedies don’t tend to have big explosions and in-depth sound mixes, but the dialogue is clear and that’s what’s most important here.

I am actually really impressed with the special features on this set. I feel like 1st seasons of smaller comedies don’t go out of their way to make their blu-ray sets spectacular, but “Legit” has a healthy amount of special features that you should definitely check out. Every episode has a commentary track featuring Jim Jefferies, Peter O’Fallon and Dan Bakkedahl, which is awesome in itself. Combine that with a 15 minute gag reel, 10 minutes of deleted scenes, 2 minutes of Rodney Autotune, and a 26 minute featurette on the Journey of Jim Jefferies, and I’d say you’ve got a healthy helping of special features to keep you occupied once you’ve finished the series.

So if you’re looking for a new, raunchy, crude comedy, that is truly hysterical, I definitely suggest checking out “Legit”.