“Last Resort” – Pilot Impressions

This is a nice little review of the pilot episode of the new show Last Resort coming to ABC, September 27th at 8/7cst.

Episode 1: Captain


The crew of the Colorado were enjoying a nice ride in their nuclear submarine, until they received an order to fire upon Pakistani troops on a secondary line. The only way that this line is used is if command is down or has been overtaken. The crew questions this order and in return are fired upon by a Tomahawk Missile. The missile was a direct hit and the Colorado received damaged. After further research, the crew finds out whom fired upon them, it was their own side, the Illinois. This sends the crew into a quizzical state, and Captain Chaplin is reinstated as their Leader, after he was dismissed from rejecting the fire orders. This attack sets off a chain reaction of nuclear missiles being fired upon Pakistan in retaliation of the fabricated assault on the Colorado thus causing a full fledged war. The crew must now find a safe haven, the island of San Marino where they can reconvene and gather their thoughts. They end up taking over a small island and a base run by NATO to use as their HQ. The brass gets word of their island haven, cutting off the electricity and using the Colorado’s own men to try and sabotage the crew. Chaplin and the crew realize this, and send a missile at the US after they are aware of bombers approaching their position. This bold move by Captain Chaplin causes the bombers to turn back, he is now faced with the tough decision to either detonate and destroy the missile or to let it ride. The missile is detonated, but too far to actually hurt anyone, which sends a message to the Government that they won’t back down. The Captain sends a message to the Government saying that he wants a safe zone around the island and that if they do not back down, that they have 17 more missiles on board and are not scared to use them. The crew must now be ready for a response at all costs, but until this happens, they will call this island their home.

The first episode was pretty good in my opinion. The only thing I am afraid of is what direction they are going to go. They are all now on this island, and I am hoping this does not turn into another type of Lost clone with an added premise. I am definitely going to continue watching, mainly because now I am intrigued as to what the reaction is going to be. Most of the shows that get hyped up like this or that I actually enjoy end up being canned after the first season. So I am really hoping this one captivates the audiences and continues to go forth. The idea is a bold one and I think they can really do a lot with it, I just hope people do not this its some propaganda show or some anti-american type thing, but I am sure some overly idiotic, I listen to Red Solo Cup every hour, individual will demonstrate this notion. Well make sure you tune in September 27th at 8/7 CST to catch this show, and let us know what you think, or any neat plot twists or ideas. Until the next episode, Belding out.