John Hawkes or Tom Savini, Who Would You Rather See as The Governor in “The Walking Dead”

tom savini john hawkes the governor the walking dead season 3

If you haven’t read “The Walking Dead” graphic novels/comic books, then you may be unfamiliar with the character The Governor, but I assure you, once he makes it onto the show you’ll never be able to forget him. He is the most brutal villain within The Walking Dead universe and rumor has it that season 3 will revolve around the Rick’s encounters with him and his people. I don’t want to give too much away for those that haven’t read the books and don’t know what’s coming in the future, but a change of scenery is planned which will then lead to the governor’s story arc, but the bigger question is who will play one of the most ruthless characters TV has ever seen…

Tom Savini has been campaigning for the role for a year now, but it doesn’t sound like he’s who the producers want. Savini looks extremely similar to the character drawn in the books, and I like him as an actor, but I’m not sure that his acting style is what The Governor needs. Apparently the studio feels that John Hawkes is more suitable for the role. Now, I know John Hawkes from some other smaller roles, but in my mind he will always just be Kenny Powers’ brother on Eastbound & Down… So I don’t know if I can see him playing The Governor. I guess he was in “Winter’s Bone” and did an amazing job there, but I have not seen that flick so I can’t judge. Either way, I hope the studio makes the character as brutal as he is in the books and I hope things conclude in a similar fashion, otherwise I’m going to be pretty disappointed.

So who do you think should play The Governor if/when he makes an appearance on “The Walking Dead”?


Update: It appears as though John Hawkes is NOT going to be playing The Governor.

Update 2: It appears as though David Morrissey has landed the role of The Governor!