Jersey Shore Meets Honey Boo Boo in MTV’s Buckwild

buckwild mtv jersey shore meets honey boo boo

What do you get when you mix the Jersey Shore with Honey Boo Boo? You get “Buckwild”, a new show on MTV which follows a handful of 20-somethings from the backwoods of West Virginia. And I’m probably going to lose all credibility for this next statement, but it’s actually pretty entertaining. Now I said the same thing when Jersey Shore started, and honestly, it was entertaining at first, but it slowly brought out everything that is wrong with America… I’m not sure that this show is going to have the same effect on society as Jersey Shore did, only because these characters don’t seem to want fame or fortune, but who knows, maybe it’s all an act.

The premise of the show is slightly different than Jersey Shore in that it’s not a bunch of people living in the same house, it’s a group of friends that live in the same area of West Virginia. Some of them are closer friends than others, some are straight up rednecks (and proud of it), and some of them seem like normal people. It’s an eclectic group of people for sure, and some of them are definitely annoying, but there’s something about the show in general that kept my attention for the full hour. It was even enough for me to setup a season pass on my DVR… for now. Whether or not I make it to the 2nd season, or even all the way through the first season is still to be determined, but sometimes you just need to be able to shut your brain off and watch something that makes you feel better about yourself.

Also, on a side note, the only reason I even knew about this show is because I got enthralled by “Catfish: The TV Show”, which was on before it. Catfish is actually pretty interesting if you’re into weird internet stalker relationship-type stuff. I knew there was a movie called Catfish, but really had no idea what it was about.

Anyways, coming back from that tangent, if you’re looking for some no-brains TV and were a fan of the Jersey Shore before it became what it is today, you might enjoy Buckwild. The things they do on there are actually semi interesting considering they aren’t just going to the bar and getting drunk every night. I mean, they turned a dump truck into a swimming pool on the first episode… that’s kinda cool in a redneck sort of way.

Did anyone else watch this? Please tell me I’m not the only idiot who find it semi entertaining…