Jamie Bisoulis – Hell’s Kitchen Season 7

With less than a week before the premier of season 7 of Hell’s Kitchen things are starting to get interesting. I finally caught a TV spot last night that featured my friend Jamie being confronted by Chef Ramsay after she apparently left a toothpick in one of her dishes, which is actually kind of funny to me because of something I did to Jamie about 10 years ago involving toothpicks. But then I found the video above, which is an extended sneak peak at the new season, and towards the end Jamie gets thrown out of the kitchen…. uh oh. I’m going to be pretty annoyed if Jamie gets booted off the first episode, I mean I know she burnt a frozen pizza she was making for me in high school, but come on… haha.

So of the trailers and videos I’ve seen of the show so far I can only pray that Jamie doesn’t get booted the first week and starts to pick things up after she gets more relaxed and falls into the groove, but I guess we’ll see. Hopefully I’ll make it to the premier party in Chicago next week and I’ll try to get some quotes out of her for my review of the show next week. Make sure you tune in and see how she manages to cook a toothpick and get salmon in her ears.

I’ve embedded her little interview video after the jump.

Update: Wow, some friend I am, it took me until now to notice that they spelled Jamie’s last name wrong on everything related to Hell’s Kitchen… they forgot an “i”, it’s Bisioulis, granted I’ve never known how to properly spell it…

Update 2: I was just informed that she calls the new spelling her “stage name” haha. I’m guessing it’s just easier to spell her name the way it sounds instead of adding the random “i”.