It’s Always Sunny: Thunder Gun Express (12/1/11)

its always sunny in philadelphia thunder gun express

its always sunny in philadelphia thunder gun express

When traffic jams keep the gang from going to see the hottest new action flick, which is sadly not Lethal Weapon 5, it causes them to get crazy! The previews make this one out to be pretty good so I guess we’ll see. Be back tomorrow with a recap.

Thunder Gun Express

A presidential visit to Philadelphia causes traffic jams, frustrating the gang’s effort to see the summer’s hottest action movie, “Thunder Gun Express.” So the gang takes action – “Thunder Gun”-style action – to get to the theater.

Thunder Gun Express, the hottest movie out is sold out all over Philadelphia, but the gang managed to order tickets online. There is only one problem though, President Obama is in town and it’s causing massive traffic jams all over the city and with only 30 minutes to spare it’s going to take a miracle to get there in time.

I seem to find the movies where the gang takes the action away from the bar to be hit or miss a lot of times, but I actually enjoyed this weeks episode. So the gang heads off to the movie theater only to get stuck in traffic, Dennis is driving while the rest of them are in the back. When Frank mentions that he could probably walk to the theater faster, everyone jumps out and begins their adventure. Slowly the group gets separated and eventually they all end up on their own as they race to make it to the movie in time. I thought it was kind of creative the way each characters flaws lead them to be left behind by another member of the group. Frank is too slow so he can’t make it onto the movie tram, Mac is too fat so he can’t make it into the sewer, Dee is too worried about stepping in something in the sewer so when her shoe gets stuck she won’t take it off and Charlie leaves without her. It was a fun way to see the group split up and have to work at a goal on their own.

I’m still not sure how I feel about this season as a whole, but it was a pretty solid episode and I was laughing pretty hard at the end when they were all yelling at each other in the theater, especially when Dennis was getting a hand job from the woman he hit in traffic.