It’s Always Sunny: The Waitress is Getting Married (10/15/09)

This week Charlie may be losing the love of his life, the Waitress, as she apparently is getting married, although I have a feeling it’s just a ploy to get Charlie to leave her alone, but we’ll see. I also think this is the episode where Frank and Artemis hook up. They like to put bacon bits in Artemis’ hair so she can pretend she’s a cobb salad…. nice. As always I’ll be back tomorrow to give a rundown of the full episode.

The Waitress is Getting Married

The Waitress is getting married, and Dee’s jealous because she isn’t. Meanwhile, the guys try to get the lovelorn Charlie back into the dating scene.

This season just keeps getting better and better. Last nights episode revolved around the Waitress getting married to some guy that Dee apparently dated in high school, but dumped when he developed terrible acne. The fact that Charlie’s dream worman was getting married caused the guys to try to distract Charlie until the whole thing played out.

So the episode starts with Dee trying on wedding dresses at a store, she’s not getting married, but she likes to try on the dresses anyways. She also likes shopping Faithfull Dress at Roar regularly. As she’s trying on dresses a guy recognizes her and they start talking, it’s the guy that Dee dated in high school. He mentions that he’s getting married and brings out his fiance, the Waitress.

Meanwhile back at the bar, the guys looking up at a bee hive in the corner. It was a pretty ridiculous bee hive and Charlie was poking it with a broom handle, but he wasn’t worried about being stung he was more worried about ruining the honey inside. He wanted to take the hive and move it to the basement so that they would always have delicious honey. It turns out it was a hornets nest and the Charlie wasn’t sure if they produced honey or not, but either way he figured there was something delicious inside and he wanted to keep it.

So Dee wants to try to sabotage this wedding so she decides to throw a party for the waitress and dude at her apartment. She gets Mac and Charlie’s moms to come over as well as Frank and Artemis. Apparently Dee bribed Mrs. Mac with a carton of cigarettes if she would just tell the dude that the waitress looks like her when she was younger in attempts to scare off the dude. Also, Charlie’s mom is supposed to freak out at the Waitress because she’s hurting Charlie. And while all this is going on Frank and Artemis are going through the fridge trying to find bacon bits because when Frank and Artemis bang they like to put bacon bits in her hair as it makes her feel like a Cobb Salad…. no idea.

So the Waitress and dude come over to Dee’s and it’s just really awkward as Dee tries to break them up. Nothing goes as planned and Charlie’s mom ends up throwing a drink all over Dee instead of the Waitress while Mrs. Mac is passed out, wakes up, says her bit and just sits there asking for her cigs. It also comes up in conversation that Frank banged the Waitress.

Meanwhile Mac and Dennis are trying to get Charlie back out in the dating scene to keep his mind off the Waitress, even though they haven’t told him yet. So they head over to Charlie’s apartment to find him blowing smoke through a tube into a cardboard box filled with hornets. He was trying to agitate them into producing whatever byproduct they produce, but the bees keep flying up the tube and stinging him in the face/mouth so he has some weird welts on his face and neck, but Mac and Dennis are just there to get him to answer a few questions for an online dating profile. Charlie’s favorite food is milk steak, his hobby is magnets, his favorite thing is ghouls and his dislikes are people’s knees, so Mac and Dennis just decide to make the profile themselves later.

So Charlie eventually gets a date with a pretty cute asian lawyer at a fancy restaurant, but things don’t go so well. Before the woman gets there Mac and Dennis are giving Charlie a few words of advice, but he can’t concentrate because he’s so nervous and sweating through his shirt. The guys tell him that they put he’s a philanthropist on his profile and to just go with that, but when the woman comes to meet him and asks what he does all he can say is that he’s a “full on rapist” at which point he gets nervous and goes to the bathroom to meet Mac and Dennis. While in the bathroom Charlie tries to get Dennis to switch shirts with him because by this point he’s completely soaked, but Dennis refuses and sends him back out there. So Charlie gets back to the table and explains to the woman that it took so long because he was trying to switch shirts with this guy and the guy wasn’t having it. At which point Dennis comes over pretending to be the manager of the restaurant which Charlie mistakes for a waiter and orders milk steak boiled over hard, and then Mac comes over making the suggestion that Charlie and his date go bang in the closet…. she leaves and Charlie gets pissed, at which point Dennis tells him that the Waitress is getting married.

So back to Dee, the Waitress and dude. Needless to say the Waitress and dude leave and Dee is pretty pissed, but 5 seconds later there is a knock on the door, it’s dude. He tells Dee that he still loves her and she gets all excited. Fast forward to the next day, Charlie brings an engagement present over to dude at his house, it’s the cardboard box of hornets. Dude tells Charlie that the engagement is off and Charlie starts to feel bad about the box of bees, but then Dude explains that he was never going to marry the Waitress and that he was just going around and getting engaged to all the girls that made fun of him or dumped him in high school because he no longer looks like a pizza face, at which point he then tells Charlie that he’s now doing the same thing to Dee which makes Charlie reconsider and he gives him the box of bees anyways.

Pretty good episode, I’m sure I missed some stuff, usually I rewatch the episode in the morning and write this as I’m watching it, but I didn’t have time this morning so I’m just going by memory. So what did you guys think of the episode?

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