It’s Always Sunny: The Great Recession (10/1/09)

Another week has gone by and it’s time for another It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. This week it sounds as if the gang gets hit hard by the recession and try to think of anything they can do to keep Paddy’s Pub from going under, although I never see them making any actual money so it’s a wonder the place is still open anyways.

With a shantytown taking shape outside, Mac and Dennis try to keep Paddy’s going in tough times. Meanwhile, Frank and Dee start a family business.

So honestly kind of a ‘meh’ episode. Basically the recession has hit the bar hard and Frank has lost all of his money so Dennis and Mac start firing everyone at the bar. Frank tries to hang himself but his neck is too fat so him and Dee decide to go into business together selling knives and vacuums. That doesn’t work out so well when Frank almost cuts his thumb off and bleeds all over a customers house and then when in the bathroom, attempts to hang himself, but instead he rips the light fixture out of the ceiling. Meanwhile, Charlie tries to show Dennis and Mac what he does at the bar in attempts to keep his job. Apparently Charlie’s daily activities consist of syphoning electricity from the neighbors, burning the trash to make the bar “green” as well as heat it and give it that smokey smell, and lastly he turns on the “coors” sign so people can see that they have cool delicious coors light, when in fact it’s a “closed” sign. So Dennis and Mac end up firing Charlie and locking him out of the bar so he can’t sleep there since he can’t sleep at home because Frank and Dee bought an RV and sublet their apartments as they embark on their door to door salesmen business.

So Charlie goes back to his mom’s house to try and stay in his old room, but she’s hit hard times too and had to sublet his old room to his creepy uncle Jack who apparently had wrestling matches with Charlie when he was a kid. Meanwhile Dennis and Mac go to Dave and Busters to chug Merlot while thinking of a way to stimulate the bar. They come up with the idea of using their own currency to fund the bar. So they create Paddy’s Dollars and pass them out to all of the shaty’s that have taken up shop outside the bar in their RV’s. So the idea is to pass out Paddy’s Dollars to get people to come in the bar initially and then once they run out of the free booze they will come back and buy more Paddy’s Dollars, thus creating a circle and stimulating business. Yeah, well this ends up backfiring since they passed out way too many Paddy’s Dollars and thus gave away all of their inventory for free. Not knowing what to do they come up with the idea of passing out more Paddy’s Dollars to bring people back in, but then they realize that, that is a terrible idea.

So Dee and Frank fail at selling knives so they go to visit Frank’s new business partner who happens to be Charlie who is sleeping in a box down by the river. Charlie pulls a wooden crate out of the river and claims that they are going to be crab people from now on, but before they can even get a solid business plan going Frank gets a phone call saying that the government is going to reimburse him for the money he lost in a ponzi scheme. So in the end the gang gets bailed out by Frank yet again and continues to be a burden on society.

“In recession times what thrives more than anything else…. prostitutes”  and apparently Dave and Busters and Coors, but not It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Why did this episode seem forced full of sponsors? Dave and Busters was pretty obvious and then Coors with the “coors” sign as well as Dee pushing the cold activated mountains when asked to prove her worth at the bar by making a mojito. Some moments felt more forced than others with the sponsors, but I really really hope that this isn’t something that’s going to be happening every episode from now on. I felt that it took away from the normal feel of the show and just made the Dave and Busters scenes feel “off”. Although I will say that Mac’s idea that the Dave and Busters power cards could possibly work at a TGI Fridays was kind of amusing.

So like I said I felt it was kind of a ‘meh’ episode compared to the first two this season, but I really think it was because of the pushing of sponsors, but it was not a terrible episode by far.

What did you guys think of the episode? Were the sponsor plugs just as obvious to everyone else?