It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Buys a Boat (9/30/10)

After last weeks fairly weak episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, this week actually looks fairly promising. The guys decide to buy a boat and set sail on the open seas, but apparently all they can afford is a run down house boat. The previews look pretty good so hopefully the episode does not disappoint.

The Gang Buys A Boat

Mac, Charlie and Dennis buy a boat to “throw some P. Diddy-stype parties,” as Mac puts it, and, Charlie insists to harvest shrimp (or barnacles). They end up with a run-down houseboat, the Drowning Sailor, and Mac and Dennis order Dee (who didn’t invest in it) to clean it up. Frank, sledgehammer in hand, offers to help.

So the gang buys a boat which turns out to be a pretty awful houseboat that needs a ton of work. Charlie, Frank and Dee spend almost the entire episode trying to clean up the boat while Mac and Dennis run back and forth from the boat store as well as party it up on a yacht with Patrick Swayze’s brother, Don.

With the money from the dick towels, the gang has about $2500 to spend on a boat, their only criteria for the boat is that it needs to be able to be used for shrimping as well as throwing P. Diddy-style parties. Well, for $2500 you can imagine the type of boat they end up with… a shitty, rundown house boat that needs a lot of work. Dennis and Mac decide they are going to head over to the boat supply store and pick up some supplies while Charlie, Frank and Dee start cleaning the boat and making it more presentable.

Charlie really wants to use the boat for shrimping, but Mac and Dennis don’t want to let him, especially considering that he thinks barnacles are oysters and he wants to cook them up and serve them to everyone when they get back. Charlie then asks for the keys to the boat from Frank who proceeds to throw them overhand which naturally lands them in the water. Frank won’t jump in to get them because he claims he doesn’t sink and will just bob around. So Charlie jumps in and tries to find the keys, but all he ends up with is an old bullet and a horse tooth to which he determines there must have been a horse massacre under the water. The truth is that Dee is inside the boat throwing all the old shit out the window into the water and Charlie is just dragging all the stuff back into the boat.

While Dee is cleaning the boat she attempts to “dance”, which basically looks like a wacky waving inflatable tube man that you see at car dealerships according to Mac… it’s terrible, so eventually Mac buys one of the tube men and puts it on the boat to which Dee tries to emulate as she’s standing on the deck. Meanwhile, Mac and Dennis set off to find a yacht party because that’s what they feel this lifestyle is all about, but when they get to the party it looks more like a group of shrimp fisherman than a yacht club. And of course Dennis and Mac get uncomfortable when the group of guys start talking about their “tasty treats” which Mad and Dennis assume are them and they are going to go out to the open ocean and have their way with them, but as it turns out the special treat is gorgeous women.

So while Mac and Dennis are living it up on the yacht, Charlie sets the houseboat on fire and they are forced to swim back to the dock, at which time they run into Mac and Dennis as they are bringing back a couple ladies…

I thought it was a pretty good episode, definitely better than last week. So hopefully the season will continue this upward swing and we’ll get some more quality episodes as the season goes on. So what did you guys think?

“Maybe a pirate was brushing his hair and killed a horse and jumped in the ocean”